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Am I a psychic/medium? If you dont believe in psychics then do not answer.?

I’m only 12 but I wanted to get some help. I know i’m not mentaly challanged. Ive been seeiing these peopl well spirits. Other kids dont seem to notice it. They come to me and try to talk to me. I cant explain it. My parents dont even know. Ive been dealing with it sence i was 6.


  1. Let your heart lead you, everybody feels from inside if he/she is a medium or not. So anyway, I wish you good luck, lil girl !!

  2. aaawww!
    Ya you probably are.
    What do they say to you?
    You should try meditation. You can also do some research about how to cut it off when you want to. It must get stressful at times ya know. Also have u spoken to your spirit guide?
    Your spirit guide helps you enhance ur psychic ability he/she will teach you what to do. So its good to ask ur spirit guide to come forth. If you have any questions feel free to contact me 😀

  3. Psychic here
    and I do understand what you are saying I had what my child psychiatric called imaginary friends when i was a 6…. later i just learned to stop talking about it so i wouldn’t worry my parents.So i understand your reluctance to inform them. and it does depend on how open your parents are to the super natural.
    My imaginary friends were real to me. I could hear their voices and to this day I can still remember the way they looked to me. People have told me that they very well could have been real, “perhaps you were molested and this is how you dealt with the experience”
    Psychic friends of mine say that they were Angels or that I saw ghosts as a child. What is funny is that although I stopped seeing them as I grew older, when my life is calm and quiet I can still hear them, giving me advice, pointing me in what direction to take my life. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? Not any more crazy than most random thoughts that inter ones head. Mine just have voices.
    Voices that can be trusted… which is the difference with those that reside in a state hospital for the insane. and tell people to kill their parents.
    As you get older you will come to a cross roads. a time when you will choose to either embrace this gift and be a stronger medium or you will be given the choice to let go of it and have a normal life. the gift will slowly fade.
    read my blog on the subject. I hope it will help you to decide what you want to do with this gift.


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