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Am I a Psychic Medium?

Because for some reason I get these eerie feelings about by brand new house, and sometimes feel their is a energy of some kind in my basement and closet. I feel like if I could open my mind, I could connect with the paranormal. I also get these weird visions and names of strange people I do not even know.
I did check for exposed wires for EMF stuff that can cause that feeling and there weren’t any


  1. Possibly. But I’d first get the new basement and closet checked out for high EMF readings. They can cause what you’re describing as well.

  2. well yes. everyone is.
    its just that some people are more attuned with it.
    i can help you enhance your abilities if you wish.
    read my profile, and i see what you think.
    i am a psychic medium and clairvoyant. i also do auric and reiki healing.
    please get back to me if you want psychic help, wiccan help, healing, spirit, get rid of evil spirits, or anything.


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