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Am I a possible reincarnation of a fast food worker that lived with his parents until he was 40?

Well it has been since childhood that i would dream about myself in a cooking fries and everyone would call me their cook..
it felt like everywhere i went i was someone’s burger king.
The real scary part was when i was about 4.
my sister asked me to write my name (knowing that i did not know how to write) , and so i took a crayon and a piece of paper and wrote out my name in symbols that closely looked like english letters , but were alot different.
i picked that piece of paper up one day when i was about 12.
i had noticed that these symbols spelled out Ronald McDonald.
i started playing this MMORPG game called conquer online and i had named my character Hamburgler because i thought it was a really “sinfully” good name.
i watched the movie Good Burger with my friends and my friend had pointed out that in the end of the movie there was a man that said MAGAS RONALDO.
it sounded exactly like my character name Magus and “Ronaldo” sounded like Ronald in a way.
To this day i feel i was born to do something to unite the fast food world.
but the question is:
Am i a possible reincarnation of a fast food employee?



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