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Am I a medium/psychic? Please if u dont believe dont answer….?

Im 12 years old and I sence these energies or spirits its hard to explain. Well i felt a 32 year old male in my room when I asked his name he said “tommy” nd i asked him whn he died he told me 1976 in a car crash. I asked my parents an they said I had a 32 year old cousin named tommy who died in a car crash in 1976. He died before I was born. Also If i concintrate on a person I seem to hear what ther thinking. My parents keep asking me how I know about this stuff and alll I can tell them is I dont know. Its not that easy to tell ur parents “Oh mom dad i see dead peoples spirits and I talk to them. There is also a 26 year old femalee. Im to afraid to try to talk to her tho even tho i know shes good. Also I can look at a person and know there whole personality. Even tho they havent even said a single word. Also i see things that r gunna happen.. The most recent one was when I saw someone die and it looked lke 16 year old boy and 1 week later my friends brother died and he happened to be 16 years old.
If you can help me e-mail me at brittanya.a488@yahoo.com please.


  1. Look up “Pink Monkey”. Take heed. Be careful. Don’t advertise your tallent. Find a way to filter out extraneous thoughts. Need to do this for your sanity. Did I say “Dont Advertise”? Not even to your parents. Reads like they don’t understand. BE CAREFUL.

  2. I think thats a good pssibility you could be. Look up a local phychic in your area and call ahead to make an appointment or if its really close just walk in. If no one can drive you call and ask if when theyre free if they could talk to you via phone. Good luck =]

  3. I think you may be. Just remember, don’t freak out. Many people kill themselves over things like that. I’m not saying you would, but I’m just checking. I would love to have a psychic power.
    I’m not psychic, but you sound like it. Maybe look your abilities up on the internet. I know what your powers are called, but the names have escaped me momentarily.
    Find someone you trust and tell them. Tell someone who would believe you, and not send you to a crazy house.(Do not add in that you can read minds, it will creep them out.) Remember, someone you trust. Not your best friends friend of a friend. I would tell my cousin. She is very close in age to me and we do a lot together. So, even if you have a sister you can TRUST(not one who would tell your mom and dad) tell her.
    Bottom line, get it off of your chest if you have kept it bottled up inside.
    Best of Luck!


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