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Am I a medium/psychic? 10 points?

So when I was really little I would have freaky dreams I still remember to today. I have dreams of what I believe was my past life and in it it’s actually like I am there and someone or something is trying to tell me things. I have dreams of stuff that hasn’t happened and then the next day or so later it does happen. I will loose myself in daydreams of things that happen and then they happen. When I write it’s like someone else takes control and I don’t know what I’m writing until I re-read it. When I was little I had an imaginary friend in my old apartment who was so real to me but I was petrified of him. I was afraid he would abuse me if I acted out like he used to when I was Kelsey? (It was very concerning). I would see him and I’d run and cry. He’s still around to this day. Also scary things that I see and hear happen in my bedroom. I live in an old apartment building that was built over old fairgrounds and a railroad track. Whenever I enter the room I get an overwhelming presence and I have to leave. I have been sleeping in the living room. Whatever it is I think it follows me because if I’m out with friends I’ll hear footsteps feel cold and then a presence. Am I a medium or psychic? Please help. I think I am.
Also ever since I can remember I’ve been able to talk to, see, and hear things others couldn’t. Like I would tell the footsteps to leave and I would hear them call my name I’d start crying and they would leave and close the door softly behind them. And other scary things. Help =)
I always feel as if I’m being watched.
Also when I have a gut feeling I go with it and I’m always right.
Lol also if I enter a building I’m able to tell right away whether there is a presence there or not. It just has a feeling to it.


  1. You could be, or your apartment could just be haunted.
    I have had similar experiences that are sometimes scary. Honestly, when I feel a presence I just ignore it and go about whatever I’m doing. This may or may not work for you. Don’t let people make you feel crazy. My boyfriend tries to tell me that I am, but I know what I feel and experience. Some people are just more sensitive than others. I think the more you react to them (spirits or whatever) the stronger they get, but that’s just how it’s happened with me. Try ignoring it and see what happens. Good luck.

  2. Between the two, a psychic. I’ve had similar situations. In the end, I’ve just ignored them. I get deja vu a lot too but i think that’s pretty normal. For the other things, i think you’re either over-reacting or your apartment Is haunted. But i’m not sure if i believe in the supernatural myself.
    You have good instincts too.


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