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Am I a medium or a psychic?

When I was very little I had a lot of weird thing happen to me. I heard a voice talking to me, things appeared that I thought was lost come out of nowhere, and I could sense the weirdest things in haunted places like an eerie feeling. Am I a sensitive? How can I find out and who can I see? I need answers.
No I am not insane the voice was not in my head it was out loud.


  1. My answer would be to practice, practice, practice.
    There will probably be a couple of spiritualist meets in your area so why don’t you go along to one of them and see what happens?
    From your words alone you are curious about it and even if you are wasting my time here what harm can it do to have an open mind and go check out something new?
    Everyone is sensitive to varying degrees, it is just that most people never actually bother to listen to the voices/thoughts in their head.

  2. Hello
    It sounds as though you are a psychic medium. The ability to hear voices from loved ones who have passed away, spirit guides, guardian angels etc is associated with Mediumship. he sensing is known as Clairsentience. Have a look at the web sites below, you can speak with like minded people and they also have chat rooms and forums with free psychic mediumship development classes online ok.
    (chat room and forums, also check the calender for free development classes online)
    Lots of Love
    Misscpb xxx


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