Tell me, when you go out of your bodies do you see a spiritual world or the real world or a mixture of both? Do you see the gods(fallen angels, demons in this world)? Do you see the Holy Spirit close or far from you? Can you see God at a distance or Satan at a distance or close by?


  • Mostly the real world, though you can visit higher ‘spiritual’ realms. As far as demons and gods, I’m sure it is possible, but I’ve yet to come across any personal experience proclaiming this. My suggestion: read up on it, and then experiment with it and come up with your own conclusion, it’ll provide you with the most useful, coherent answers to your questions. Just: take cautions.

  • it happens naturally or perfected through practice.
    but one has to do away with the cord
    it can be tracked back
    so a new way must be possible
    to do it.
    just appearing somewhere in the astral
    is the start
    through intention.

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