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Alternative Therapy. Reiki, Medicine Wheel, Hypnotherapy?

I feel that I have a lot of negative energy. Sometimes I can feel a great sadness. I didn’t have a rosy childhood, and other things have happened in my life to make me feel quiet negative and sad. Right now I should be happy and positive I want to be happy and positive. Great kid, great bloke, soon to have a great job. I have heard that Reiki can help with negativity. I am very interested in alternative remedies. Has any one had any experience, positive or negative in relation to these remedies. I really do want to move on and be a happy bunny and leave negative energy behind me.
If you know of anyone in the Central London area that you can recommend that would be grand (I’m already familiar with Mysteries)
Please no silly answers. Many thanks


  1. Probably a combination of things would work best.
    Start with a healthty diet, exercise, and plenty of sleep.
    Add a yoga routine – iyengar style, of about 30 minutes a day, and go to class once a week with a certified teacher.
    Try to schedule a massage once a week – see if there is a school in your area where you might be able to get massage at a student clinic for less money.
    Start seeing a traditional counselor to work on any historic or current emotional issues.
    I’m not a fan of hypnotherapy, so I would recommend avoiding that.
    Reiki is probably fine – I also like free-form energy healers (more of the “hands of light” barbara brennan type).
    Good luck!

  2. Have you considered something like this http://www.indiancountry.com/content.cfm?id=1096411113 maybe if you live in Central London an outdoor version may be inappropriate, but you could create a smaller indoor version using native herbs? I have a herb garden I started outside, and not only do I use them for their cooking and medicinal purposes now, but the scent of them is sometimes enough to create a sense of well being.
    I agree that looking at your diet and perhaps finding out if you have any allergies or intolerances going on could be a reason for your sadness.
    You might also buy some oils and burn them in and around your home. Bergamot is very good for lifting low moods.if you need any other information about oils, candles, herbs etc, please contact me and I hope you start feeling better soon

  3. My friend is trained in aromatherapy and homoeopathy and has just been trained to use the colour wheel and says it has had excellent results. I think just the fact that you want to be happy is a massive step. I used to be really negative all the time, and I had to actively think about looking at things in a positive way. I found that if I didn’t try to change the things in life that I couldn’t change and just got on with my own thing then I felt a lot more in control. You have to make a real conscious effort to be positive, but then it snowballs and your life seems to open up and feel brighter.
    I had reiki when I was on chemotherapy and I have to admit that it didn’t seem to have any effect on me. I do think if you believe something is going to work though then it will. Don’t underestimate your body and minds own healing powers!
    Its not central london, but the Walgrave Clinic in Teddington (near Richmond) does these kind of therapies.
    Good Luck

  4. Take the Homeopathic Remedy AURUM MET 30 thrice a day nothing works better in negative thinking and depression better then Gold AURUM MET is pure gold in Homeopathic Dilution works wonders without any side effects or complications. You will be amazed at how fast and well it works and leaves you feeling wonderfully alive positive and happy and is known to cure suicidal tendencies and depression like magic. Nothing works better then this . For Reiki and Colour Therapy track down OHIO HEALER on yahoo answers she can help you in those.
    Take Care and God Bless you !

  5. Ciao!
    If you feel a negative energy (Yin Yang imbalance), ReiKi or any other vibrational therapy would help you….
    The most important in this field, is the energy of the therapist and not only the technique being used.
    Here you are just 2 “extreme” examples about the importance of the energy of the therapist:
    1)In this summer I met a woman offering ReiKi and Cristals in a beautiful club in Portugal, during the treatment I felt a real bad energy coming from this sweet lady…weeks later I discovered she had practised black magic…
    2)…Would you really care about the energy technique being used if your healer were … Jesus?
    …Sometimes pure love is enough…
    As u see the energy technique used is not so important.
    I have more than one hundred other reasons to support the value of the “subjective” quality of the energy of the healer.
    In sum look at the healer deep in his eyes and feel his energy.
    If the energy is somehow stored in your neuromuscular system (contracting your muscles and changing your posture) then some professional massages would be fine.
    Why have a massage if the energy works in all dimensions?
    Will u ever stretch a muscle or break down an adhesion with the energy?…No.
    So a remedial massage gives you a unique form of treatment.
    Meditation including the modern (and boring) Biofeedback “training” gives u great results but it doesn t necessary clean your past memories.
    Gook luck!

  6. I would suggest a practicioner who deals with bio/neurofeedback. It is not only the best of the alternative medicine disciplines, but is also (albeit slowly) moving into mainstream medicine. UCLA and Harvard both have neurofeedback laboratories here in the States.

  7. As experience is stored at the cellular level, that is where it must be released. You can pretty much take your pick at which alternative or complimentary therapy you feel would work best for you.
    Reiki energy is wonderful for “cleaning house”, as the energy has the ability to transcend space and time. Reiki can be used to heal on all dimensions, emotional, mental, spiritual, and spiritual, and can also be used to heal past trauma, present imbalances, and even the future can be surrounded with Reiki energy. The speed at which you would heal is determined by your own energies, as you actually direct how Reiki balances you.
    Homeopathy is also quite beneficial to clear past and present issues. It can work very quickly to increase self-esteem and promote the release of the effects of trauma.
    Massage may also help clear old trauma from the body. Many people who get massages report an emotional release as a result of this therapy. As an added bonus, the extra attention just plain feels good!
    If you can locate a practitioner of the Alexander Technique, this is also an option available to you. I’ve provided a link, below, to their site. I met and spoke with a practitioner a few months ago, and this is a wonderful therapy to do to help you move more fluidly into the future.
    Crystal therapy may also help. If you can locate a practitioner that has studied with Melody, they would be able to assist you in choosing stones to place in your environment that would help pull the lower energies away from you. One stone that I do a lot of work with is blue kyanite. It is wonderful for aligning the chakras and transmutes all lower energy that comes in contact with it. Rose quartz can help pull sadness from the heart.
    Sound energy healing techniques are also amazingly good at clearing away old cobwebs. In our practice, we combine Reiki, sound energy, and crystal energy during our treatments and have had remarkable results. We also use aromatherapy and homeopathy to help balance clients between sessions.
    Rolfing, bio-feedback, color therapy (especially Aura Soma), herbal therapies, yoga, Tai Chi, or simply reading an inspiring book (such as Wayne Dyer’s Power of Intention) are also other options to help you feel like a happy bunny.
    All alternative and complimentary therapies manipulate the energy of the body to bring it back into balance. It’s all about finding the appropriate frequency. That is why each individual responds differently to different therapies. What works for some, may not work for you. It all depends on what your body needs to balance.
    You can also combine therapies. If I were you, I would start by combining Reiki, aromatherapy, and homeopathy. It is my feeling that a great bloke like you would see immediate results from combining these three therapies. Please feel free to email me if you have further questions.

  8. Hi!
    Take it from a Classical Homeopath, Homeopathy works wonders in your case.
    Although not on the internet!!! To cure depression we choose from more than 300 remedies (and I’m only counting the main ones!). The symptoms you have given in your description can be common to a good many remedies. It is only by careful questionning and re-questionning that a Homeopath can establish the right remedy and the right dilution. It’s no recipe, it’s a one on one thing.
    In my 10 years as a Homeopath I have treated a good many people with your symptoms, all of them successfully. But this is not something you can do by trowing random remedies at someone, it has to be done by a one on one consultation. Asking questions about a lot more things than the details you gave.
    To SoulDoctor:
    Do you realize that the remedy you suggested, Aurum, if overdosed, can in rare cases, lead to suicide? The chances are very slim but the do exist…
    If you know about homeopathy, you know you should be careful with the repetition of doses, too much of a good thing is still too much. A 30CH, repeated too often, especially if not needed can lead to a pathogenesis (the person starting to experience symptoms belonging to the remedy) and can lead to serious problems that are hard to undo afterwards?
    Besides, Aurum is a remedy for hopelessness and grief, their future looks dark to them, and here it’s not the case! The best image of Aurum Met is the businessman who just had to file for bankrupcy… no hope, no help, no light at the end of the tunnel!
    Sorry if I sound a little harsh, but Homeopathy can be dangerous if taken lightly.
    You live in London, lots of good homeopaths in your area. Just make sure you see a Classical Homeopath and check out the person’s credentials.
    To realise you have a problem is half of the work done! I wish you all the best!

  9. Soul Doctor knows homeopathy. As with any therapy (whether alternative or allopathic), you must apply some common sense. There are therapists who prescribe down to the last microgram, and there are those who are more general (and less controlling). This applies not only to homeopathy, but dietary supplements, and other alternative and complimentary therapies, as well.
    The key is finding a practitioner that you’re comfortable working with. Recommendations from friends is where I usually start. For example, my acupuncturist is more intuitive than traditional and works out of her home. She was referred by a friend, and I could not be happier with her results. The same goes for my naturopath and homeopath. It’s all about balance.

  10. Reiki can work wonders, but if the root of the problem is in your subconscious the results will be temporary. The way I learned uses both Reiki and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) together to not only balance the body’s energy system and help relieve symptoms, but to also clear out the root problems. It is a remarkable, life changing process. I also am familiar with neurofeedback and the amazing results that have been produced. There are a lot of options available and I am sure that you will find something that will benefit you. Good luck!

  11. Hi – I first had reiki in march this year and it sounds really dramatic, but it has totally changed my life. I really recommend it. If you do want to have reiki, just look it up on the internet or pick up a card in an alternative therapy centre.
    If you are interested in other complimentary therapies – you can get very cost effective treatments at the polyclinic at Westminster University – it where all the trainee homeopaths/herbalists/naturopaths/massage therapists practice and treatments all cost £20.
    Good luck!


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