Alternative therapies (such as indian head massage or reiki) and catholicism?

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Do Catholicism and alternative therapies complement each other, or would the practice of such therapies cause you to question your beliefs? Are there conflicts between the 2? For example, could I be a catholic and a indian head massage practitioner or a reiki master without jeopardising my integrity on either of these beliefs/principles?

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Therapeutic treatments should not in any way affect your Catholicism. You are simply using Massage and energy to bring about a balance in the body. There is nothing wrong with that. If you are strong in your Catholicism nothing can penetrate that.


I think the heart of Catholism (and all Chrisianity) is that Jesus was born of a virgin and was crucified for OUR sins and rose again into heaven.
I think as long as your believe in those fundamental pillars and live life in a way that would please Christ, I can’t see the harm in trying “alternative” medicines.
Most of the time, they find these “alternative” medicines aren’t really spiritual at all and work on a scientific and pysicological level… go ahead, try! You know what the real truth is, so don’t worry about it.

The alchemist

Don’t you think that is really one of those questions you only have the answer to?
There was a parish hall in Wales that banned a local yoga group because yoga interfered with the teachings of the church according to the parish priest from the church that owned the parish hall.
There shouldn’t be conflicts between the two. But the ones i know that place value on energy medicine would not dream of calling themselves christians or catholics. They think of themselves as pagans.
Maybe C of E is easier but i doubt if a proper roman catholic would condone alternative energy practices. They don’t even allow condoms!

bernadette g

actually the things i learned in school strengthened my belief in god and i was raised catholic


I think with reiki its a beleif that the divine is helping you send energy so beleif is a great thing


It is totally subjective depending on what lineage you come from.
If your catholic teacher(or priest) is anti any of the others, it will interfere with that aspect of your life.
If your reiki teacher or massage teacher has a hang up about catholics that might be a problem,
You should consult all those it affects.
Before doing the next new thing you should check with the person in charge of the thing you are already doing that it is ok to practise other medicines or belief systems.
When starting a new thing it is always wise to tell the person who may become your teacher of what you are already doing and to see if it will interfere with what you may be taught.
This way everyone is happy and you do not have to decieve anyone.

venus quality

I had reflexolgy and aromotherapy in Malta once and the girl who was doing it told me she couldnt tell people what she was doing as some people considered it to be tanatmount to witchcraft. I am Jewish and do Reiki and I don’t find any conflict – I dont think of the Reiki as alternative it more of a complementary therapy. I think universal energy and god are the same thing – they are a greater power that we can access without necessarily being able to totally comprehend them.


im a catholic,i see what you are saying,my mum was/is a medium and that clashes with the bible,im not sure what it says about healing but didnt jesus heal people so maybe if you did it in the name of jesus,nice to see some people still take the catholic faith seriously


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