Almost everyone knows that the Kundalini should be raised but do you also know it must be brought back down ?





Raising Kundalini is only half a teaching.
Do you know why this is?
Kumorifox: That’s not quite what I was looking for but we do want to master Kundalini for the purpose that best serves. : )
Aradhana: It will come back down, it’s best to bring it down yourself, it gives personal power. The Chakras are funny things and sometimes desent is ascent, we bring God/Goddess into existence this way. In Tantra we say yes to what is. You move very well Shakti. : )
Tom: I don’t know much about the Taoist method but in Tantra we have physical bodies, some see this as a fall but in Tantra this is the physical manifestation as God/Goddess and should be honered as such, life is honored, all life.


  1. To avoid excessive space-cadetness and dysfunction in the physical world you still have to inhabit, some degree of grounding is necessary, a return to the base chakra. Taoists address this by encouraging the energy back down over the face and body to its starting point rather than just showering it through the crown. This “microcosmic orbit” is outlined in a lot of detail in Mantak Chia’s “Awaken Healing Energy of the Tao”.

  2. very good question 🙂
    yeah I know something about descending of kundalini and what it means , why it has to come down etc
    true that nobody talks about this part
    but I dont know about this thing too well …is it brought down back or once reached the top it comes down on its own accord?if its the latter through what it comes down ? can you tell me?
    p.s- if you know any source that can educate me on this do tell 🙂;_ylt=Atvbmhq9lt3O4mKE1tK3zZaQHQx.;_ylv=3?qid=20080911022136AAOsZ0d
    EDIT- Well .. :).. I got it fully when you said “chakras are funny..sometimes ascent is descent..its good to bring down for personal power” 🙂
    you know why I understood so fast ?? because I am psychic and know what you imply without your describing it.( Ofcourse I didnt understand a thing!! LOL) so explicit you are 🙂

  3. I do know that, whenever you bring energy up, you have to shut it down again at the end. I was told that, when you raise energy, you are opening up your chakras, but if you don’t close them down again afterwards, you are more vulnerable, because they are wide open to be manipulated.
    Also, raising energy without bringing it down again? Bad idea, because it can escape unpredictably.

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