all,pagans,wiccans,shamans,anyone who know how to heal someone?

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how do you heal someone? i have been trying and practicing, any tips?

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Glitter Girl

Tap into the Divine Source.


It’s called a hospital, where they have these people called doctors, that do things like give you little edible things called medicine.


You can also use an amethyst or quartz and consecrate it as a replica of your loved ones mind, body, and spirit, and concentrate on what needs healing. (Picture that specific body part in mind)
You must be VERY clear and pure in intent….you don’t want to think the wrong things while doing it
Make sure she is seeing a regular doctor too, to maximize the benefits of both healthing methods.
Bright Blessings.


you just don’t say I’m a healer and that’s it in most cases it is inbred or a gift.
now there are you fakes .you can try to be a good fake.

Oracle Blackrose ( Pagan )

it depends on what you are trying to heal..


bury the injured. mother earth will heal them.


common sense, prayer, and a a good first aid kit and of course all those things your grandparents and great grandparents told ya.


This isn’t a comprehensive answer, but I will say the following: The body has natural healing abilities. When the ailment is stronger than the bodies ability to heal itself, a healer may be able to tip the scales back the other way. A healer gives the recipient’s body more energy, or more life force to accpomplish the task by channeling it from another source.


If you are talking psychic healing, you’ve either got it or you haven’t. – you should know by now.
If you are talking other forms of healing: reiki, herbalism, naturopathy, homeopathy, medicine etc you will find courses or university degrees if you do a search – either online or at your local library.


i dont know, for this kind of question, deserves this answer.
smack them on the head, knock them down, works for benny hinn- Who by the way is another FALSE prophet, abusing the name of God. and to the “wiccans,pagans etc… please go visit the childrens cancer ward,and heal those children”.

Daz C

Take them to a REAL doctor… or they will die from your wailing bollox


There is an enormous amount of study involved, training, and more study. Oh, did I mention more study! LOL
It really depends on what you are trying to heal. To heal a wound, you need to know what kind of wound, how old is it, is it dirty, has it been cleaned, soooo many more things.
If it is a spiritual wound, you need to know soooo many more things. When did it happen, what happened, why did it happen (if there was a reason), how does it affect the person now (sad, manic, phobic, agressive, isolated, etc.).
There are many magickal herbs that heal as well as herbs that are used in traditional medicines (like willow bark tree that contains the active ingredient in aspirin).
There is also so much you need to know about the patient in general.
While some people are born with a natural healing gift (mentally and physically), others must put in a lot of time studying and training before it can be something you should try.
Trying before you are ready or without enough information on what is wrong and what steps to take to correct it can cause more damage.
And sometimes, all that’s needed is for someone to care. The rest follows with study.
Sorry to be monumentally unhelpful, but this is all my opinion.
Good journeys and good luck.

Bobby The Wolf

I’ve never done this before but there’s Auric Healing.
In auric healing, you set out to change the condition by visualizing a specific color light around them. These colors are chosen according to the patients problem. for example, when dealing with the nervous system, you would use violet and lavender to obtain a soothing effect. To invigorate you would use grass green. To inspire, Yellows and oranges would be your choice.
When dealing with disorders of the blood and organs of the body, use clear, dark blues to soothe, grass green to invigorate, and bright red to stimulate. When dealing with cases of fever, high blood pressure, or hysteria, use blue. For cases of chill or lack of sufficient bodily warmth, concentrate on red. So, for example, if a woman is complaining of being hot, has a fever and is sweating profusely, you can help immeasurably by concentrating on seeing her completely surrounded by, and absorbed in, a blue light. If she has a stomach pain, then direct a soothing light-green color there. for someone with a nervous headache, see his or her head surrounded by violet or lavender light. for a bleeding, direct clear dark-blue light to the cut. keep up these visualizations as long as you can.
(Raymond Buckland- “Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft” p.269)


where can i get good info on astral projection?

I want to learn how and dont know what sights are real.

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