Allister Crowley, Anton Lavey ,or Mike Margolin?





Who is the greatest occultist of the last century?


  1. Hail “F”ing Satan!
    I owe most of what I learned to Aleister Crowley, Eliphas Levi, Robert Anton Wilson, Walt Disney, Albert Pike, Charles Stanfield Jones{Frater Achad}, and all of you.
    You have all taught me so much.
    “We live so the universe can learn about itself”
    In Satan’s Name
    Rev. Michael Shane Margolin
    The Mad Poet Acbhb
    Baphomet Rex 666
    P.S. I am of course.

  2. No contest. Crowley! Crowley was Bruce Lee, to LaVey’s ….Hong Kong Fooey! Robert Anton Wilson really “got” Crowley more than most people did, and was a lot easier get to grips with, but Crowley was the real innovator, the progenitor of modern Occultism! Mystic, Scholar, Poet, Writer, Prophet, Guru, Charlatan, Psychonaut, Junkie, Mountain Climber, Spy, Slayer of Dragons, and all round Mentalist, he was a real heavywieght.

  3. Jack Parsons.
    They even named part of the moon after him–can’t say that about those other guys…

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