Home Discussion Forum all who practice magick come here!!?

all who practice magick come here!!?

i need to know, do any of you have a free e-book that has to do with nocturnal magick, shapeshifting, shamanism, controlling the forces of nature(ex: fireballs, making the water turn to ice), or telepathy? i want to learn all four, but i dont have to materials, OR the money to do so. so if you have any of the e-books im asking for, please e-mail them to: younowho9192@yahoo.com,
also, please make sure that the files do NOT open with adobe reader, please!!!! my computer, for some reason, cannot open those types of files. micrsoft word should be okay, though.


  1. i don’t know of any e-books that would help you, but you might want to try the library. i know it sounds strange, but i’ve gotten several books that i needed from there and then i just copy down what i need.
    bright blessings to you!
    eclectic pagan

  2. Nope. Sorry. However, if you can access msn.com and you have a hotmail account, then I reccomend a group called ask a witch. They have excellent resources.

  3. Wow, you sure do seem to want to have a lot of super powers. I hate to break it to you, but you are not going to get them. I think you’ve watched “the Craft” too much.
    The forces of nature cannot be controlled by magic. If you want to turn water into ice, put it in your freezer. Fireballs? You mean like on Super Mario?
    I do believe magic exists and you can learn it, but you are going to be in for a shock and disappointment if you think you will be able to do the stuff in Hollywood movies. Real magic is much more subtle than that.
    You can also go to a Barnes & Noble and spend the day there reading and taking notes from the books (example, they have lots of books on shape-shifting, shamanism, nocturnal magic, etc) and not buying them. A Google search on magic will also be fruitful.

  4. GOD is stronger than any magic or “power”. Be cautious in what you involve yourself with. God bless you hun!!

  5. I hope this is not a joke, because I find it very disrespectful to make fun of peoples beliefs whatever they may be.
    The best advice I can give you if you are serious is this: check out some groups in the area of magick you are interested in and see what they can offer. If you like you can join my group Lupisdeumbrarum1 for knowledge. Nothing has been posted by myself yet but I will have something this Saturday. So the more you want to know the more you put in, it’s called sharing. But only if you are serious.

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