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All the answers are preserved in Kabbalah?

Kabbalah has sacred geometry that describes the structure of the universe. You have the chakras, the flower of life, and all those other symbols. Kabblah presents the true reality of existence. Kabblah seems entirely scientific to me with the different energies and such. I also believe Kabbalah is the collection of all the other practices of the ancient secret orders. The secret orders studied the true realities of the universe by studying stories that metaphorically and symbollically explained the universe in order to be the only ones to understand the true reality so they can only benefit from the secret practices that rise them into higher consciousness. So I believe we should study Kabblah and the other secret order in order to understand the universe. I believe the knowledge given to our ancestors was taken away by the nobility so that only the nobility can benefit from higher consciousness and power. So since then they preserved this knowledge through the secret orders and hid it from us. They then used that knowledge to take over civilizations one by one. NOw they control the world. We should get to know this knowledge and we should be able to evolve into higher consciousness. They only gave us part of the knowledge in Kabblah and the other mystical religions. ITs only a start to start learning the mystical religions.


  1. “Kabbalah” is actually called “the Zohar Parashat Pinhas” (literally, “the Zeal of Phineas”).
    If you get the title of the collection wrong, what does that say about your interpretation of the rest of it?

  2. Ya…..anything that involves Madonna must be real and a religion.
    Seriously, the Kabbaalah has some very interesting assertions. Whether that makes it true or not well……….who knows.

  3. Mystical religions do contain many answers to things, but not the absolute Truth. Kabbalah is simply the mystical interpretation of the Torah.

  4. Kabbalah is fascinating and I study it.
    But I never assume that only one system has all the answers, there are many paths to the Divine.
    Kabbalah is not for everyone.


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