All religions are based on astrology?

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The evidence says yes, what do you think?

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Danish Hammer

Nope. Scientology.

East Anglian Boy

One load of crap for another lol


Possibly because astrology is just nonsense.

Death's Near BrokenEye Experiance

Not really.


Um, no.


Believe it or not, there were religions out there that existed before christianity.
“witchcraft” is one of them. When you live in a tiny village with no science except what you can see with your naked eyes and mysterious shining lights in the sky, you have to come up with reasons as to why these things happen.
Thus, religion was born.

The Bible

No No No. Astrology: A pseudoscience claiming divination by the positions of the planets and sun and moon.
May be some but not all.

John the Buddhist

Not Buddhism. But Buddhists are free to use it if they believe it is for real.
I don’t use it.

Feathered Serpent!

Astrotheology has been dismissed, and the urge for anthropomorphizing reality and myth making is long established in humans, astrology is just part of this urge mankind has and gave birth to some myths.
What is astrology but myth making using the stars as a medium for such. Thunder, lightening, volcanoes, earthquakes and floods are all easily interpreted as signs from gods to the primitive and the notion of western astrology doesn’t predate all of the worlds religions.
Mankind projects himself on the world using a limited selection of archetypes to try and make sense of the world he inhabits.
So in short the stars play a role in the making of religion and myths, but so does everything else in human experience. This is what lead to astrology, astrology did not lead to it.

Xfce Fanboy!

I’d hardly call it evidence, a lot of the “evidence” is based on modern astrology and doesn’t necessarily reflect ancient views of it. However it does make a more convincing argument than most arguments to debunk religions. Not conclusive, but worth thought.


no, most religion are based on a ultimate reality.
new religions take their inspiration from other sources, like alchemy, nature religions, spiritualism, astrology, and psychology.


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