All My Children Crystal Ball this year?





On All My Children, does anyone know if they’re having a Crystal Ball this year? Don’t they usually do it in January?
I know the last exciting one that I remember was when there was the bomb and Ethan died. Did that spell the end to the Crystal Ball tradition? That has always been one of the exciting things I looked forward to every year on this soap.


  1. Crystal ball’s are over because maria is alive. Edmond started it when she “died” is her memory. after she came back they had I believe one more and then it stopped. and the bomb was at Martie gra because they all had masks on and Dixie was there.

  2. There’s not really anyone around to give the Crystal Ball. That was a function put on by the Marick family, Dimitri and Edmund. Even Maria isn’t around anymore. Surely you don’t think Julia can support a ball like that on a nurse’s salary, do you?

  3. I thought the Crystal Ball stopped being an annual event when Edmund and Brooke found out that Maria (being Maureen) was alive. Because didn’t the Crystal Ball begin in memory of Maria?

  4. Ethan died at Erica’s Mardi Gras Ball. The Crystal Ball hasn’t been on in several years. They had to cut them out b/c they cost to much to film and put together.

  5. They haven’t even mentioned it. Since Wildwind has turned into a home for losers, maybe they’ll forego it this year. Edmund always arranged it in the past. I don’t think they’ve had the ball the last couple of years.

  6. Wasn’t the bomb at a Mardi Gras Ball Erica put together?
    Maybe they stopped the Crystal Ball when Maria “came back from the dead”? I think the Crystal Ball was something she started or they did in her memory.

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