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All children are born knowing god until they get indoctrinated into religion and the EGO develops? or what?

they are one with the universe pure being. Which is why the EGO is said to disappear during an LSD trip because of this many have had BAD TRIPS since they couldn’t handle it. Others who had many layers of defense mechanisms were able to withstand it since they maintained the integrity of their egos. This is consistent with many eastern philosophies and teaching the EGO is an illusion a perspective on a universal self which is god. Organized Religion is EGO driven and it is anything but Spiritual. Especially Christianity
ME ……….”thought” has nothing to do with “god”
punch the christians just say that but they dont even “know” what they mean by “knowing” god
Mes……….then how do you explain that it gives the same insights as acient yogis and mystics who have gotten this through meditation and NO DRUGS at all.
Miguel I know what you mean the masses are pretty lame
ALEX yes atheist about the Christian god yes……that is an entirely differnt thing.
REPORT ……..no not an IDEA you are missing the point. they are born knowing god …….meaning at one with the universe connected to all and everything. Pure being directly channeling the universal consciousness
Cindy that RELIGION destoys GOD
Neil NO actually it took many years before i was able to find this purity of being. Hardest for western man though. Especially guys like me.
IGGY what do you mean ALSO having a panic attack….if you lost your IDENTETY and couldnt handle it then that WAS your panick.otherwise it wasnt good lsd it was that crap they have had for the past few decades since the 60s that is more like speed.
IGGY i don’t expect anyone to do acid they don’t make it that way any more….but no CHRISTIANITY is a brainwashing tool….not god
The WAY i get your point Exactally but the PURE BEING without the EGO god that i am talking about here……..nothing else…..the natural collective self. that all kids know at birth until they become separate……..we have to go back to child hood .actually there is a passage in the bible that amounts to that…yet i dont really like Christianity because it DiSTORTS everything and flips it around and twists it.
POSH im not talking about the GOD you Christians talk about im talking abou the real true god……..


  1. we are born with no thought process. we don’t even have dreams until after a certain amount of months.
    its a learning process.

  2. No, the god being is not introduced until later.
    LSD is a psychdelic and causes your brain to do and think strange things.

  3. Rom 9:11
    (For [the children] being not yet born, neither having done any good or evil, that the purpose of God according to election might stand, not of works, but of him that calleth;)

  4. dude…I had a bad trip cos i was also having a panick attack!!
    whats your obsession with Acid??? last question was about Acid as well…….its not cool man!!
    you know that 13 years olds read stuff on here…!!
    ps kids are not born knowing “god” religions is a brainwashing tool! go and have a chat with people living in tribes that have no contact with the putside world and ask them about “god”

  5. To answer your original question, I would have to choose the second choice. I’m sure LSD had a lot to do with choice #1.


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