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aliester crowley and jack parson?

i was reading about the masons and some advised me to read about aleister crowley and jack parson, any idea about them or where can i find a reliable source?


  1. Poor sources, neither men were Freemasons.
    Crowley may have belonged to an illegitimate/ clandestine sect of Masons from France, but even that is up for debate. Legitimate Freemasons reject his claim of being a Mason and by in large ignore his very incorrect writings on Masonic subjects.
    Crowley and Parsons were part of a religious sect called the OTO, but this sect has no relation to Freemasonry, although many uninformed people have tried to establish one.

  2. Hi, if you are able to obtain a copy of illuminate vol2. the antichrist conspiracy. Written and directed by a guy called Chris Everard, it may enlighten you. Not sure if all is true, but i suppose thats for you to decide or research like i’am trying to? Hope helps


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