aliester crowley and jack parson?

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i was reading about the masons and some advised me to read about aleister crowley and jack parson, any idea about them or where can i find a reliable source?

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You can ask questions here:
You can get books written by Crowley himself.
Another reliable author is Israel Regardie, he knew Crowley personally.

J. R.

Poor sources, neither men were Freemasons.
Crowley may have belonged to an illegitimate/ clandestine sect of Masons from France, but even that is up for debate. Legitimate Freemasons reject his claim of being a Mason and by in large ignore his very incorrect writings on Masonic subjects.
Crowley and Parsons were part of a religious sect called the OTO, but this sect has no relation to Freemasonry, although many uninformed people have tried to establish one.


Hi, if you are able to obtain a copy of illuminate vol2. the antichrist conspiracy. Written and directed by a guy called Chris Everard, it may enlighten you. Not sure if all is true, but i suppose thats for you to decide or research like i’am trying to? Hope helps


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