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Aliens and Angels?

I was studying up on sleep paralysis, when I came across this article:


The article basically explains that people who experience alien abductions during sleep paralysis, generally (prior to abduction) “hold a wide range of New Age beliefs…” which make them prone to having hallucinations or dreams reflecting fantasy or the paranormal.

So if this is true (read the article in full)…. couldn’t visions of gods and angels be attributed to the halucinatory sleep paralysis of people who submerse their conscious and subconscious minds in religious beliefs?

Christians… what do you think?

Atheists…. what do you think?
it seems like most stories about people seeing or hearing angles start out, “He came to me in the night.. in the corner of my bedroom”.

or something like that.
Hippy Chick

Temporal lobe seizures also attribute to deja vu, out of body, ‘heavenly music’, and euphoric ‘angelic’ encounters. Oliver Sacks wrote a book called Musicophilia that I think you’d really enjoy.

I’m suggesting that sleep paralysis attributes to the more… almost tangable encounters that people have had throughout the centuries.

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Bail Bonds Dana Point
9 years ago

Aliens and Angels? | Mystic Banana – New Age Spirituality Magazine Will you be writing additional about this Topic?

Witchy Mel
Witchy Mel
9 years ago

I’ve never had an Angel just pop up in the corner of my room. I would find that strange and I would question if it was a really an Angel…I have been working with them for years and they have never done anything like that. I also have never been abducted by aliens…so I’m not going to comment on that part. People don’t just have visions of Gods and Angels in their sleep and that’s all. People witness and are gifted with help from above in thier waking life. Sleep paralysis isn’t involved. The only time I’ve ever experienced sleep… Read more »

Hippie Chick
Hippie Chick
9 years ago

they have found a ‘god spot’ in your brain, frontal lobe injuries and epileptic seizures causes this to happen(to see god)…

9 years ago

They could be. In the bible it says that angels can disguise themselves as everyday people. Perhaps it is true, as everything is. Considering no one has ever seen god, not even jesus, it is very possible.

gypsy belle
gypsy belle
9 years ago

why doesn’t that cool crap ever happen to me !! LOL

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