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Alien Abduction experiences caused by a psychedelic trip?

DMT is a plant derived chemical that is also manufactured by the human brain. (when consumed a very powerful psychedelic). It is said to be found in the pineal gland (in the center of our brains). When under the influence, Nearly all volunteers reported convincing encounters with intelligent nonhuman presences. Do you believe this could have been an resonable explanation for reported alien abductions?


  1. There are probably a number of various explanations for the
    claims of alien abduction…None of them involving aliens…

  2. That is a smart question, I didn’t know that about the brain. But I totally believe it. That explains why so many people in this universe has been abducted.Great question!

  3. Anythings possible. But I’m not dumb enough to believe that with so many thousands of other galaxies out there that we are the only ones here, either. And seriously, if an Alien wanted to abduct me, they better be prepared to hock out some serious weekly cash to support my miniskirt, jewelry and makeup habit.

  4. Probably not all of them, or even many of them.
    I’ve had a lot of personal experince with various psychadellic drugs and, while I have experinced things similar to what you’ve described, I was never under the impression I’d been abucted. Even under the effects of very high dosages of a combonation of these substances and completely disconnected from reality, I came down and realized I was on drugs.
    You may argue accidental ingestion, here, and thus some people might not know they’re on it. But for accidental oral ingestion to work, it has to be specificly be treated with a monoamine oxidase inhibitor. You can’t eat it and get an effect unless it’s been treated to get an effect when eaten, making a case of accidental ingestion that was unrecognised pretty unlikely.
    The Brain normaly produces very small quantities of DMT on it’s own. A chemichaly imballanced brain I suppose could produce more at times and create this effect. Probably less obviously too, so if anything this would be something to check on for people who belive themselves victems of repeated ‘visitations’. However, that is just speculation and even that argument wouldn’t do much to explain single visitation experinces.

  5. Many people may have paranoia about being abducted or have been at some point in their lives believed they had been.I suppose this would also explain all the crashed UFO’s also.Maybe these aliens are daydreamers too?.Also many people who claim to have alien implants might just have some space debris that happened to hit them at some place and sometime in their lives also.A rape victim might believe this also.


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