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Alice in wonderland and Taoism ?

After reading the Tao of pooh we have to compare characters in another childrens classic to Taoism beliefs. Im having trouble because all the people in Wonderland and rude and very into themselves and i don’t know any characters i can compare the uncarved block to them or show Inner nature in any of them.
any help?


  1. We actually just talked about Taoism in my religion class. Well, in my opinion, Alice is the most Taoist of the characters in Alice in Wonderland. She is very nice to everyone, good or bad. Her main goal in the story is to flow through being courteous and respectful to everybody else in Wonderland. Like Pooh, Alice is not carefree per say, but lets life take her down the path it wants to take her without putting up resistance, a very Taoist belief.

  2. Remember that Taoism focuses on mysticism and magic. It’s an ethnic religion of China. It’s not extremely widespread (obviously, since it’s not a universalizing religion). Its purposes are to find your tao or dao (which means way or path).
    I would focus on drawing the connection between the abstractness of Alice in Wonderland the mystic stuff of Taoism.


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