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Aleister Crowley Tarot question? (Three Magus?)?

I own the larger of the two versions of the Thoth Tarot and it only has 1 version of “The Magus”. The smaller version has a total of three Magus. I’ve tried to research online for an explanation but I have only found out opinions (for example: some people are saying that when they print out the deck there is a total of 80 squares and they decided to throw the two extras in there. Another example is people claim that using the deck with all three Magus and/or the unicursal hexagram makes for an interesting reading or tool. Do you know what the real use of having three Magus is? What do you do with your tarot that has all three Magus?


  1. I’ve never done too much work with tarot but I’ve seen, from many sources, that the Thoth deck is to be used by experienced readers. The theme and artwork of the deck are unique and often confuse folks.
    I know this didn’t really answer your question but I thought it might apply, given the many sources I’ve seen this noted.

  2. Hopefully my computer will let me answer this time.
    Crowley was a stickler for his correspondences (see Liber 777 and Book of Thoth). He referenced the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, and insisted that the Tarot be corresponded to it. Each of the major arcana go on the paths between sefirot. One trump to a path (or nativ). So there should only be one Magus used. The others are just alternate versions of the Magus. Pick the one that you like best. They are all three equally valid. I picked the usual version myself. Try ’em all out. See what you like.
    EDIT–Note also that Crowley had an extremely mischievous sense of humor. He wasn’t above pulling a prank on people who didn’t know better.

    • That’s exactly what I think happened with the person up there in the comments who tore one magus up, thinking there were only two of them, to begin with (& not three), and was surprised to see two pop up again… the next time he read for that very same person, hahaha! Tricky magus!

  3. One of the maguses is the traditional Magus card (the one that is included in most of the literature about the Thoth deck).
    One of the Maguses is a “white” magus (or light sided magus), and the other is a “black” magus (or dark sided magus).
    I sometimes interpret the black magus similar to the devil card. That is, CROWLEY’s interpretation of the devil card.
    I don’t always use all three maguses but sometimes I do, just for kicks.

  4. Please help!!. I have owned the Thoth Deck for about a year. A few weeks ago it was pointed out that I had 2 Magus cards, don’t know how I missed that. until both Magus cards appeared in the reading. After looking this up, it was stated that one should not be in the deck. I took out the card that did not belong and destroyed it. Ripped it up, threw it away as it had no meaning. Several weeks later, I did another reading for the same person who had pulled both Magus cards. To my utter shock and hers, she again pulled BOTH MAGUS CARDS. I don’t have an explaination for this and it frightens me. I don’t know if I should ever use this deck again . Please help, this has shaken my core.

    • Don’t know if you ever got a response! But the the reason you pulled two again, is because you didn’t realize it, but you began with three magus cards, not two. So tearing one up, meant that there were still two left. Them both popping up only the very next time you read for the very same person? I think that is magicks and you should keep both the magus’. It wasn’t a mistake. They made three magus for this deck. Your two left are pretty persistent and tricky. They’re playing with you.

  5. I cant say I know for sure but there are differences. Only one Magus, the blue one with the gold magus has all three items representing the suits a sword, wand, cup and disk. The other two are missing an item. If you look at them together you will see it. One is missing a sword the other is missing a cup.


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