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Aleister Crowley Questoin?

If Crowley’s method of magick actually works, then why do people not talk about it? Should it not be in the history books that Aleister Crowley was able to do magick? And his followers, who supposedly can do magick also, shouldn’t they be famous? I guess what I am asking is this: how come people practice this type of occultism and seem to never really do anything (like make something levitate)?
i’m sorry if i may seem to be an outsider – i have read magick without tears. i do understand the idea of Will, but in magick without tears, crowley had said that really you can do magick. he even believed in vampires!


  1. Magick is the science and art of causing events to occur in conformity with Will.
    Magick for serious practitioners is about perfecting oneself and testing and strengthening one’s Will. It is not about levitation – it is most often about personal change.
    You, or any outside observer, may not see the change, but it was never done for your benefit anyways.

  2. You and that pesky logic, ruining all the fun in people’s lives.
    I think people just enjoy the thought that they can impact the world around them with spells and so on. They don’t seem to be doing any harm. In fact, I’m pretty sure that “do no harm” is one of their precepts–it’s a shame most religions don’t have one like it.

  3. well magick can not be proven in a physical form what Crowley did was mental and spiritual. Even if he could of shown the world the amazing things he did he wouldn’t have.
    Performing magick is an art and should be taken seriously only a fool like Anton Lavey would try to pull a hocus pocus on the world.

  4. I hardly think that making a person levitate would be considered a life’s accomplishment. But, like someone else here said, he was an occultist and therefore he was full of S-H-I-T.
    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but that’s the long and the short of it.

  5. Crowley never claimed to be able to do anything over the top supernatural like flying.
    And it is in the history books. But I’m sure the history books you read only list christian history.
    None of christianity (the stuff that is in the bible) is in any “real” history books. If those things really happened, why aren’t they documented? There is no mention of Jesus in any history books written during the time that he supposedly lived. If he was really doing what the bible claims he did, why wasn’t it documented anywhere other then the bible?

  6. You know, I wonder the same thing. I even dabbled a bit in magick and quit because I realized that it isn’t real. It’s a joke, in my opinion.

  7. Great question. I ask this of all “practitioners” of Wicca, Witchcraft, Voodoo, psychics, card readers, etc. What can they do with their magic that we Muggles cannot do? The only answer I’ve ever received was thumbs down. If these people have anything going on with their “powers” they don’t seem willing to share. Maybe the Ministry of Magic has sworn them to secrecy.

  8. Thelema is spoken of quite openly if you are in the correct circles (pun intended). I suppose that you can imagine which groups don’t like to even see Crowley’s books on shelves in bookstores. Thank goodness the stores don’t listen and stock them anyway.
    There are many ceremonial magicians who are teachers of their craft — some modern day (Aaron Leitch, Lon Milo DuQuette) and some ancient (Solomon may be the most famous. Read The Key to Solomon’s Key).
    Quoted: “Maybe the Ministry of Magic has sworn them to secrecy.”
    Yes. As a matter of fact, when I was being coven-trained, I did sign a waiver promising to never divulge the information I learned to people in forums, online, etc. I am only to teach those that I have personally interviewed and hand-chosen (just like I was interviewed and hand-chosen). It weeds out unworthy people who just “want to see proof” or who are “just curious” rather than people looking to Witchcraft as a serious spiritual and religious practice. The right information in the wrong hands can have serious effects.

  9. because the occult is as real as any other religious practice. they don’t work, they just make the practitioner feel better


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