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Aleister Crowley overrated?

I, like a lot of people, like aleister crowley and his teachings. However, it occurred to me that some people probably think of him and his teachings as overrated. What other person like him do you think should be in his place?
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  1. Al was bored, rich and full of it..he certainly wasn’t the worlds evilest man, there are plenty of bored rich kids around today and probably just as weird and or evil. His skills were pedestrian at best, however I think all his mates were not much better. The one thing I found amusing was Al’s need for sex..every 48 hours, apparently…and because he was such an ‘ugly bugger’ he had to settle for ‘hookers’ a lot of the time. He probably would have been a good stand up comedian.
    sorry mate! I am simply not a fan of his, when I was young I found what he did was intriquing but that fascination faded quickly

  2. Crowley, got put on a pedestal because he was one of the founding members of “The Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn” along with other more well known types like William Butler Yeats and not to mention the basic day to day “upper class of Victorian England. However “The Order” just about blew apart because of Crowley, seems most everyone else did not much care for him.
    Crowley pretty much , in my opinion was just a self indulgent megalomaniac.

  3. He was probably the weirdest and most disturbed individual to ever utter a word.
    He is shockingly overrated and his teachings a bore.

  4. Crowley was an interesting individual who mastered every school of occultism in existence in his day. His form of exacting documentation was precise and well ahead of its time, he treated magick much as scientists treat science. Don’t let anyone tell you that he did not have power, governments feared him, and yet he would resolve disputes using mundane means if possible.
    Thelema, Ordo Templi Orientis and Golden Dawn all owe at least their roots to Crowley. Overrated? No, I think rather he was vilified and slandered by those who were envious of his skills and tenacity.
    Just as Theosophy looks to Madam Blavatsky, occultism should embrace Crowley.

  5. I don’t think it matters, i have heard a fair bit of him, and attended a lecture a couple of years ago. He is an interesting subject. i don’t care too much for him myself as such, not my area, but i think it is worth gaining a basic understanding of people like Crowley if only as a warning. Also, just to marvel at was could be ‘got away’ with then. it simply wouldn’t fly these days.

  6. Overrated? Definitely not.
    I think his contribution to religion is greatly underrated and under appreciated.


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