Aleister Crowley is said to have opened a "magickal portal" for the being he calls "Lam". Where is it located?

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I know this is a really obscure one and don’t really expect an answer but hey, its worth a try. It is said that Jack Parsons and L Ron Hubbard further opened this portal to the point at which it can’t close. Now, i don’t believe this but its very interesting how Crowley’s drawing of “Lam” and the “grey” alien/ufo phenomenon coincide both in looks and in timing so i’d like to know more.

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I think the only place its located is in there minds 🙂

maggie w

I believe that you are correct that these ego maniacs opened a portal to a dimension that has not been closed. But I do think that it can be closed. However I have no idea as to how. Alistair Crowley was a immoral, maniacal junky and L. Ron Hubbard was an megalomaniac. ~M~


Aleister Crowley wrote a few books on his ‘adventures’ which you can find by doing a yahoo search on ‘Aleister Crowley’ and hunting through the links. I think there are also a few sites which revolve around Crowley and magick. Below are a few links to get you started.
I don’t know ‘where’ the portal is located but you will no doubt find more information by following the trail below.


To my knowledge, the Lam drawing, connected solely to his analysis of HP Blavatsky’s work ‘A Voice in the Silence’ was not given much thought by Crowley after he created it, until Kenneth Grant took an interest in it in his own Extra-Terrestrial theories. There is no reference I’ve found to Jack Parsons, nor his student L Ron Hubbard putting any credence to LAM as connected to the opening of the portal.
LAM is the way, as a LAMA (like Dali Lama) is one who follows the way. I do not believe LAM is meant to be a grey alien, but rather a picture of oneself with a bulging intellect. A metaphor.
The working that opened the portal is a part of Enochian magick, to my knowledge, and many of us do Enochian magick, so if it is open, it is constantly reopened. It’s a back and forth conversation with angels. The UB decided Enochian magick was too dangerous for your average joe, so they removed it from their own Golden Dawn lineage, but it is still a part of most other systems derived from the GD. (To my knowledge, the AA)
Perhaps I’ve gone too far into this, but it will make sense if you keep looking into it. L Ron Hubbard’s participation in the occult was short lived indeed. (though even after his creation of Scientology, he still paid homage to the Master Therion’s work) By most accounts, his goal was to get in bed with Jack Parson’s wife.
Jack Parsons was a promising member of the OTO.
The Babalon Working is sometimes what his primary ritual to reincarnate a certain entity was called.

Baba Konsa

funnily enough lam is the sound made for the muladhara chakra.


they have been opening up portals into the 4th dimension to allow beings who exists on that dimension back into the 3rd for certain favors etc. some species of Grey’s exist on that dimension but their not the only ones Jack Parsons, L RON Hubbard, that demon Crowley all belong to the Illuminati order and their helping them bring in a one world system which will make it easy for them to control people for their Masters…….most people are descendants of this beings some are possed and other have sold us out for money, fame, sex, and acceptance oh and the portal is most likely heavy guarded and under ground to avoid detection probable in Europe the seat of the new reptilian order

John W

There are 2 comments that call Crowley evil, etc that were made by Profirio and Maggie. Both are too stupid to be good bigots. Neither one of have enough intelligence to spell his name right yet they are experts on Crowley?

Karma of the Poodle

I found this while searching
There is nothing about “where” the portal was opened other than this place he rented furnished rooms to write his experience. That may be the key to where, but who knows.


I think Lam was related to Crowley’s attempt to communicate/channel with a kind of “astral” (read, “imaginal”) Tibetan Master, ala (as Tahuti suggested) Blavatsky et al who were writing esoteric tracts that they claimed came from Tibetan masters in the spiritual realm (ie, their archetypal minds ). The remarkable thing about the Lam image is its archetypal imagery as a little gray man that perhaps in olden days fueled the image of the demon, imp, or sprite and in modern times is equated with the image of an alien life form.
Jack Parsons was an astrophysicist or cosmologist or some such kind of scientist and a brilliant magician and Thelemite adherent who helped spread Thelema in the US. Crowley nevertheless disliked him and criticized him, perhaps feeling upstaged. He was doing various experiments that may have been related to trying to open portals, with Crowley complaining that Parsons was trying to create a magical child. Finally Parson’s “blew himself up” –or (conspiracy theory alert!) was perhaps assassinated either by another magician or by the govt. who probably didn’t like his mixing of magic and high cosmological science (and perhaps here is where the “magical portal that can’t be closed” idea comes in).

Sal D

Be careful This is not for the faint of heart or the uninitiated my friend.

Magi 93

the portal that cannot be closed is refering to obtaining a higher mental plane upon which other physical manifests exist in parts of the universe and we can come into contact with by rising to a higher mental plane. These are not angels nor demons. However, the higher the metal plane you are on the closer you are to the Geat Architect of the Universe, these beings are on a much, much higher plane than man. Therefore they are in contact with the deity (NOT IN THE SAME WAY AS ARCHANGELS, ANGELS,INTELLIGENCES,SPIRTS) but rather “transcendant authorties responsible for the operation and moral calibre of the cosmos” These Secret Chiefs are on the same mental plane as a Magister Templi ( Master of the Temple) I can give no more information upon the subject. Use the info above Wisely
– Magi 93


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