Home Discussion Forum Aleister Crowley; "Every conscious act is a magical act". Thoughts and/or opinions?

Aleister Crowley; "Every conscious act is a magical act". Thoughts and/or opinions?


  1. Crowley, like any other con man (read: priest) was fleecing the sheep of thier money. Nothing more.
    He was no different than any christian priest or reverend.

  2. Every time we do something to affect the world around us, we are shaping the world to our will. Crowley’s definition of magick is “The magickian shaping the world to his will.” Therefore, every conscious act is a magickal act.

  3. I agree. “Life is what you make it”. Quite literally.
    “Magic”, once understood, no longer remains “magical” to those who understand it.
    What he said is true. Consciousness could well be considered “magical” to a certain extent. The Collective Consciousness more so.
    As for worshipping Satan….ah, NO. That would be absurd to worship a non-existent being. Crowley worshipped no-one and nothing but himself.
    “Do what thou wilt”

  4. Aleister Crowley was a man who summoned the forces of darkness into his life and made them his gospel. His words are darkness and negativity.

  5. Good man went deep knew and was given knowledge spiritual wisdom,did he not say .If you think hard enough in spiritual thought,the person walking in front of you you can make them trip,with a thought of them tripping,but that’s just,Little’s ones playing in an old spirit,he is missed and worshiped God not the devil,only wrote mesmeric about the devil inside his mortal soul

  6. My thoughts are that he is someone people should forget.
    When he was 14 he was knocked unconcious by a homade “firework” on Guy Fawkes night. He remained in a coma for 2 days, and after this people noticed a change in his personality. Chances are he suffered some minor brain damage, causing him to become psychotic. Crolwey exhibited psychotic behaviour throughout his life after this, such as defecating on carpets in hotels, eating feces, believing he was a Scottish Laird, a Medical Doctor, the Antichrist, etc.
    Aleister Crowley started out a wealthy heir to Crowley Ale. Despite all his voluminous writings blathering about developing willpower, he squandered his fortune away on drugs and prostitutes. Some followers mistakenly think his ability to recieve several times the dose of heroine a normal person could take without killing himself is evidence of his “willpower”. The reality is he simply developed a tolerance for it and needed higher and higher doesed to get high, and this happens to all junkies after a while. After Musolinni kicked him out of Italy (and if he had all these powers, why couldn’t he change Musollini’s mind with a spell??? Wasn’t he supposed to be a demigod???) he went to France. He had a nervous breakdown in spent 4 months in an insane asylum after trying to conjure a demon in a Paris hotel. His illegitimate son MacAlister died during this same attempt, apparently from fright. Aleister spent the remainder of his years sponging off former students. In 1947 he died impoverished in a flophouse, forgotten by his family, a drug addict and alcoholic.
    Would you want to follow someone who wound up a penniless drug addict? If so, just go to any homeless shelter. No doubt some of them can tell you all about the spirits and things they see too!
    “Success is your proof ” – -Liber Al Vel Legis 3:46, Aleister Crowley
    [Oh, and you know the way occultniks make a big deal about pronouncing his name AY-lee-is-tur CRAW-lee? Over in the UK they pronounce it AL-is-tur CROW-lee like most people here do. ]

  7. Brushing aside all the nonsense written by many of the above – who have obviously contained the whole of their research about the man to hackwork like Symonds’ “The Great Beast” or similar authors who have taken ridiculous fables for truth – Crowley, as Stormy has stated, defined magick as “…the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will.”
    The bit that the inquirer is citing comes from the 1st (of 28) Theorems: “Every intentional act is a Magical Act.” To further clarify, he footnotes this with: “By “intentional” I mean “willed”. But even unintentional act so-seeming are not truly so. Thus, breathing is an act of the Will-to-Live.”
    The matter really must be studied in its entirety, and the Definition, Postulate, and 28 Theorems may be consulted in Liber ABA, Pt. III – “Magick in Theory and Practice”, in the “Introduction”.


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