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Alchemists…Does your third eye allow you to see through the Religious questions and understand?

Can you see beyond by recognizing their intentions of getting “the truth” out? It all seems the same to me, just spoken in a different language.


  1. I make my living as a third private eye detective. I only work on cases that deal with the occult. If I comb my hair over my forehead I bump into walls.

  2. The Spirit sees many things dear heart… it all depends on the essence of the Spirit how the truths of the gospel do speak… the ‘Godspeak’ of this, is enlightening and life …. very much so! Many paths lead up to the mountains, but just maybe it might be worthwhile for all to consider , that this one leads beyond!
    Really dear, the Spirit of the truth speaks very much… and many many hear this… truth too.
    Love you dear, thank you for your supportive questions and answers…. God is so good!
    Kar… Loves Roses…

  3. ‘Alchemists? ‘Why alchemists?
    Alchemists or otherwise, religion or billiards, seeing and understanding as regards the third eye is not the province of any one person or robe nor solely that of some bearded easterner. It is a reality more ado about knowing by means of ‘seeing’ than an ado about understanding, though understanding can be held as part of knowing, this is true.
    The third eye as is popularly said and used, is not truly known to the masses and thus is not known about at all, but is otherwise an unknown and mighty equipage. It is a rarerified tool afforded Soul here in the lower worlds and universes that when fully developed, most often by a soul of most high merit who has especially learned to master and wield the many light and sound key signtures and codes, can see into the many frequencies on the varied planes of existence while still in the physical body. That one of high merit simply, say, ‘tunes’ into these planes, which is a form of universal soul movement.
    The third eye is a component that has literal purposes, and like that of an attenuator of a radio or stereo receiver has censors and filters that can pick up or not the varied bands of existence; whereas amid the popular knowledge about it, little is known but what is given over by certain eastern religions and dogmas or worse, as mere parlance amid a fashion.

  4. most times i can; if i bother — long quotes bore me
    it’s more about understanding both people and the vernacular in question — not alchemy (now if you know a good way to transmute metals, do let me know)

  5. Your going to want to use your discernment on questions of religion. As the ajna chakra becomes more refined, so does discernment follow with it. But, I agree with Path Less Travelled on the usual function of the third eye. Additionally, it is how this energy which rises from below and descends from above, through the bodies of the integrated vehicle, pours out into the world to accomplish the intelligent purpose.
    I don’t know if this will help, but all religion (that is true religion and not a cult) has a seed of truth. Go looking for what is true without straining yourself rather than giving yourself a migraine looking for the fraud.


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