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Albert Einstein said about " World war 4 will be fought with sticks and stones" what does he meant with that?

ok This is the qoute of Albert Einstein ” I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but world War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” What does he meant with ” Sticks and Stones”? please help me guys, its my Homework.


  1. I gathered it was your homework.
    There is an entire section dedicated to homework help.
    YOU must figure this out.
    I’m sure you reviewed this in class so take a look in your textbook and refer to your notes. It’s actually self-explanatory.

  2. the world would be so completely f’ed up after WWIII, because the weapons would be so advanced/ destructive, that it would own all of humanity. Monkeys would have to reevolve and have fights with sticks stones and poop.

  3. wow, u don’t know that?
    he practically invented the atom bomb. it’s soo powerful that it’s like a world killer
    currently the world has enough nuclear weapons to kill the whole world about 9 times so if ww3 broke out, the world would end and the next world war would be fought with like cavemen like creatures throwing tones and whacking others with sticks

  4. he was trying to say that WW3 is gonna be so bad that Ww4 almost everything is gonna be gone..you wannabe blood

  5. Because of him people had nuclear weapons in WWII. So he’s expecting that WW III would be very devastating to human civilization. The survivors of WW III would be living in a different world. They’ll basically start all over like the stone age. So the next war they’ll go to would be fought with sticks & stones.

  6. Because he knew if World War 3 began, it would be an atomic/nuclear disaster, leaving millions dead and the earth devastated. The people who survive the initial blast would suffer long term effects from radiation. Water and food would not be usable. We’d be back in the stone age, or worse.

  7. He means because of the lethal power of nuclear weapons if anyone survives WW3, they will have been blown back to the stone age by the horrific might of our technology. So he is basically saying that the people involved in WW4 will be caveman,

  8. Einstein, at one point in his career, still believed that the atom could never be split. When Rutherford managed to do it, the potential for the nuclear bomb was unleashed, and sure enough the United States dropped 2 of them on Japanese cities in August 1945.
    Einstein was appalled and campaigned against nuclear weapons for the rest of his life. Although he said he didn’t know what weapons would have been developed by the time a Third World War broke out, he clearly viewed those weapons as more powerful than those used to end the war in the Pacific in 1945. He was warning that we would be knocked back to the stone age.
    This is consistent with a theory I’ve been developing regarding population and technology. It is clear from studies of human development that population growth is the greatest driver of technological progression. If the human population begins to decrease, and especially if a catastrophic event wipes out much of civilization, we will have lost the ability to use the technology we have accumulated to that point.
    However, we will still have those stones. I’m more of a stick guy myself.

  9. he realized that man had developed weapons powerful enough to destroy our planet, so it means that, if there was a world war 3 we would end up using atomic bombs and such to end up destroying much of the world to the point that humans have nothing and society as we know it is gone and we would essentially end up as barbarians because everything would have been destroyed.

  10. This is so significant because the father of nuclear power realized the power of his discovery, then stating that he didnt know what would become of his discovery, (as in how advanced nuclear weapons would be by world war 3) , but he knew we would inevitably blow ourselves up and as a consqequence reduce ourselves back to a primative level of society.

    • I totally agree. One person commented that there could never be a world war IV. Because only sticks and stones would be used It would have to be strictly local tribal wars. Ah yes, the voter. Just one more individual who contributes to the make up of the pathetic society. Albert Einstein was simply trying to describe the tremendous amount of destruction that the world would see. On course, Einstein’s remark was a couple of thousand feet above the head of this commenter.

  11. Future
    The state of present human society is PATHETIC ! Technology (IPADS, camera everywhere, etc., etc.) has destroyed our way of life. We need a reset for human kind, because todays world is pathetic !

  12. Just a thought if humanity was nocked back into the stone age how would countrys keep in contact with each other ww4 would be long arfter we are gone . So long that history would be almost forgoten in time . It could almost be counted as WW1 to the people of the future , just a thought


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