After you've been Reiki attuned, is it possible for the universal healing energy to leave or atrophy?

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I am Reiki attuned (level II) and have been for just over a year. Sometimes I feel like the energy does not flow through me very strongly. I want to feel it more strongly. I’ve asked my spirit guides to allow the energy to flow intensely, but this doesn’t seem to help. Any suggestions or information?

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Ruth M

…Not sure where you live but are you getting lots of fresh air and sunlight? and exercise? and drinking lots of water? Are you getting 6-8 hours of undisturbed sleep? This may seem obvious but have you had your blood checked lately?
I find that in January and February I am low in energy aminly because it is too long to wait for spring!!!!


If you were truly in tune before then more than likely it is merely dormant.
During this time you need to revitalize.
On Sunday bury clear quartz crystal lightly under soil. Wednesday unbury,
Rinse it using water that has been exposed to sunlight for fifteen minutes.
Ring a bell (or gong) near it, and
Lay it out shortly before dusk. Needs to be in a glass pan/dish.
Make sure direct moonlight hits it.
Leave it out for an hour after sunrise.
Do your normal Reiki self-balancing meditation with these crystals at the top and bottom to help get the flow open (or wider)


i was always told no, that once you’re attuned that’s it…you have it for life and ever future lives.
but like anything, the more you use it the stronger it gets. the days where ti doesn’t flow just relax and let go, use your symbols and trust that whatever needs to flow will flow.


There are those who do Reiki and those who live Reiki.
Once you are attuned you are always attuned. Sometimes the energy is flowing just as strongly but you do not get to feel it move through you, only the person receiving. I have had days where I can not feel the energy but I do the session properly and trust that the energy is doing its thing and it always does.
Also you may want to take an inventory to see how clean and sensitive a vessel you are on any given day. This can influence your effectiveness ad a conduit.
Do you eat and drink healthy, minimally processed foods? Do you sleep enough, drink enough water? Do you drink alcohol, use drugs, take medications, eat a lot of sugar or meat? Do you pray and /or meditate daily? Do you spend time in nature? Do you do daily self healing? Do you use your Reiki frequently?
All of these things can make a difference in your intuition and sensitive perception of the energy as well as how smoothly the energy can move through you and how much can move through you at any given time.
The cleaner you live and the more you are in touch with your spirit and in the flow of the Reiki energy the more effective you will be as a healer. You can chose a less pure lifestyle and still the Reiki will work through you because of your willingness but you will be less effective.

Annie D

Do you practice Hatsurei ho? This is the Jewel of Reiki.
This technique is part mindfulness meditation, part strengthening the reiki channel, and part self empowerment. It is said to be the cornerstone of Usui’s practices and was taught to all second level students. If you practice this it is like clearing the sediment from a water tap if you don’t clean it the water comes out slowly…but if you clean the tap daily
( working on self ) the water floods out.
Reiki has nothing to do with spirit guides, it is working on yourself that helps there is no shortcuts
Love, Light and Laughter
Annie D


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