Home Discussion Forum After you die, will your consciousness EVER be revived?

After you die, will your consciousness EVER be revived?

Athiests, scientists, evolutionists
all say that nothing happens when
we die. And, I agree, that if
evolution is true, then it seems as
though you would just not exist
when you die. However, if the
universe is eternal, then it seems
to me that all of the events that
led to you being born this time,
would inevitably have to happen
again. Nomatter what the odds are
against it, with infinite chances
it HAS to happen again. Am I
wrong? Is your life just a one
shot deal?


  1. My friend.How many of us even know what our consciousness is?Most of us are far too caught up in our intellectual thoughts to hear our consciousness.

  2. Transfering the entire contents of the human brain to a chip has been a goal of my profession since the early 80s. Assuming one can transfer the exact charge on each neuron & synapse to a synthetic device every few milliseconds then a back up copy of a human brain could be made & a new synthetic body could be provided when the old one met with an accident or grew too old to function properly. Marvin Minsky of MIT has some interesting views on this subject.
    I suspect some methodology will be available within the next 50 to 75 years.
    While I was engaged in this research we’d identified up to 70 “minds” in the human brain (microprocessors if you will) that tended to fight to become the ruling mind (see “society of mind”) Therefore, one might consider the “minds” a group of board members that continuously evaluate the quality of the decisions made by other minds within the brain & promote or demote a particular mind based upon the quality of their correct decisions. Like minds tend to share data bases with minds they agree with & hoard this information if in contention with another mind for promotion.
    I could go on for hours on the direction of our research, but suspect you get the thought process.
    In my opinion, this will be the way humanity makes the leap to star travel sometime in the future. For those my age this is a one shot deal, but if you are lucky enough to see our research bear fruit with some of the DNA computers we are working on, then you have the remote chance of near immortality.
    The universe is not eternal, eventually the last stars will go dim & the light will fade. However, according to Steven Hawkings & several colleagues new universes are constantly created when membranes in the 11th diminsion clash & create “big bangs.” That’s above my pay grade.

  3. With an infinite amount of chances it does not mean that it will necessarily happen again. An infinite amount of possibilities in the future means that it wouldn’t be necessary to repeat a former event in order to fulfill the future. And if everything is happening by chance then of course there is no control to make it happen. I personally do not believe in atheism in the strictest definition of the word. The reason is that if everything that exists is the result of an infinite number of blind and absolutely stupid forces bouncing off of each other throughout beginningless time and due to the inevitability of chance it came to this semblance of order, then I the atheist would have to admit that he himself is nothing other than a special form of stupidity and that at any moment everything could dissolve into total chaos. Logical deduction is a sign of intelligence. I don’t see intelligence coming out of absolute stupidity. I think rather that there is an infinite spirit which has always existed and inevitably infinitely intelligent. Here’s the paradoxical enigma though. One half of infinity is an infinite quantity and 1/2 of infinity plus any finite amount would seemingly be more than what it was before the addition. This could explain how even though its intelligence is infinite its intelligence could still evolve.

  4. Your self-awareness is eternal. We are born to serve God. To deny or refute this is spiritual suicide. Don’t do that. We are infants in the Cosmos, a life time is but a glimpse of all that is. It’s hard to climb, easy to fall. Don’t fall. Stay close to God.


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