• Magic chicken ritual…?

    Can you clarify? I’m a Jew and I’m totally confused. We have tons of rituals, perhaps some involving chicken (eating). Magic? It’s antithetical to Judaism. Well, according to the tradition it is.

  • To answer you, there is no magic chicken ritual in Judaism .But one thing about the Jewish people that they are forever giving to charities,its a precept or commandment of the Jewish lawits also a good deed performed out of religious duty to give to charities.

  • I don’t know this ritual you are talking about, but Arieh is probably correct. You should definitely give him BA.

  • Because of the Chicken Flu.
    And if it´s not a secret, what “magic chicken ritual “are you talking about?
    Is it connected in some way to the Muslim ritual of running around some black stone, throwing at it stones, and after that cutting the throat to some poor innocent goat or sheep, after which Muslims proudly declare that they are strict monotheist?
    Or you mean something different?

  • It’s not a “magic” ritual. It’s a SYMBOLIC ritual. (Not that I would expect the average Jew-hater on this board to actually know the difference between magic and symbolism.)

    Chickens used in Kapparot are donated to the poor. Most communities today use money instead of chickens. The money is also donated to charities.

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