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After a spiritual awakening, whats next?


  1. Alienation
    The Culture has all the answers. You want to know where people came from? Well when the sky God got out of his canoe at the first waterfall and took a leak then we, the true people, appeared like ants and weve been living here ever since oh, gee thanks, Im glad I asked. This is what culture does for you.
    But now technology throws a curve, and the curve is that we live so long that we figure out what a scam this is. We figure out that what you are supposed to work for isnt worth having, we figure out that our politicians are bufoons, we figure out that professional scientists are reputation building grab tailing weasels, we discover that all organisations are corrupted by ambition. We figure it out.
    Then as intellectuals, and anybody who figures it out is an intellectual, believe me, because they are slinging the programming to push you the other way, discover that you are alienated. Thats what figuring it out means, it means that you understand that the BMW, the Harvard degree, the whatever it is, that this is all baloney, and manipulated, and hyped, and that mostly you have a bunch of clueless people trying to figure out which fork they should use.
    But this position is presented as alienation and therefore somehow tinged with the potential for pathology, its a bad thing to be alienated.
    ~Terence Mckenna

  2. a spiritual breakfast, followed by a spiritual lunch, then spiritual dinner, spiritual rape, spiritual sleep, spiritual awakening. the cycle repeats

  3. Well if your a christian then live your life free of sin. Try to be be humble and caring, make the best of life in a moral manner. Praise God and cry tears of joy of finding the truth, keep everyday fresh and knew. Pray and read the bible. Life is not going to be tra lala fancy fancy. But life in the end will be all worth the struggle. Make the most of it while you can.

  4. That’s something I’m trying to figure out. There is of course something next, your utilization of you spiritual awakening in life.
    I’ve come to realize that in this trek of discovering your spirituality and other epiphanies, I know nothing.
    There is no answer. Only understanding and living. If we knew why we were alive then life just wouldn’t be any fun. Fun, happiness, glee, can only exist if sorrow and sadness exists. Simple stuff really. Yin and yang. It’s truth, but no answer to anything really.
    Feel free to email me if you’d like to discuss more. :]
    Hope this helps.

  5. Strengthen yourself in the Word of God,
    Studying and searching, gaining knowledge
    of the Truth within His Word.
    Keeping yourself focused on the
    statutes,judgments and Commandments
    given to us by the LORD our God
    This is the Covenant God made with us in Horeb.

  6. its just the begining as far as i bleive
    a spiritual awakening, although it feels just like you ffigured eveyrthing out, that you knwo the most important things, there is ALWAYS much more for you to learn
    thats what i find, there is anever ending stream of questions, and little answers

  7. THE LONG AND WINDY ROAD ! A journey to and through, but you say a spiritual awakening, what kind ? There be a few, and the one given to you ? For the road is long, the wind blows hard at times, rain will fall at times like all the tears of a grieving mother, a guide to ward from danger of saber toothed kitty cats, visions of clear things unseen, so I ask, what kind ? May your journey be pleasant, full of peace within, no junk to carry, but gifts of high places, eyes to look down and all around, not just up, for the direction of the eyes gives way to the place you stand inside. Enjoy ! Blessed be you !


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