Advice on beginning Zen meditation?

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I’m looking at getting into zen meditation, but I don’t have the time to take an actual class or really join any groups. Does anyone have any advice on how to do this solo? Any books to read or sites to visit? Thanks in advance.

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There is a book I own… ‘ Zen for Idiots’. Look it up, probably they have it in Barnes and Noble somewheres.


Best learn from a meditation teacher or class.
I love meditation. Try here (Meditation centres all over the world)


I read once that samurais think about their deaths a lot.
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I did it, and the result….

F. Perdurabo

I’d recommend the method espoused by Chogyam Trungpa – not strictly zen meditation but when you’re beginning they all do the same thing.
Simply count your breath in – out (1) in – out (2), etc. through 10. Then when you get to 10 start again at 1.
Sounds easy, doesn’t it?
Your mind will take you away from the counting at some point. Gently bring your mind back to the counting.
Do this at least 20 minutes a day (20 minutes twice a day is preferable). Also, do it for a minimum of six months before you decide if it’s right for you or not.
Beginning meditation is simple to explain and very challenging to accomplish.
Read “The Myth of Freedom” by Trungpa to get a really excellent overview of why this simple meditation is so important – you must learn how your mind works – how your ego works.


I think the whole “zen” thing is about no advice or books or Sites or ‘getting into it’ I think anyone who gave you advice would steer you in the wrong direction, and any book you read would take you farther from it etc. Even this here will point you in the wrong direction. If i was a teacher i would say… ” lean closer and i will tell you.” then i would slap the shitt out of you. So give up, live your life, forget about zen, and you fill find it. The zen that is spoken of is not the true zen.
If you are a total loser like the totaly lost guy above me and can’t understand anything i just said and you want to misunderstand Zen and have books on your shelf and have lots of meaningfull self important conversations about it instead of having silence in your mind and heart, then read Zen Flesh Zen Bones and then slap yourself in the face, wake up, and knock it off and get on with your life.

linux newbie

The following sites and books are the ones i read and found useful
1.The three pillars of Zen by roshi philip kapleau
2.The dhammapada
Dont spend too much time reading buddhist scriptures and philosophy.What is difficult and useful is the actual process of finding the time to sit and do the meditation.The dhammapada is an ancient text that contains the teachings of the buddha.Try to buy one which is easy to read and not too scholarly.The initial oxford press publication copy of the dhammapada was unreadable given the obsure references and the pali (original languagein which it was written) was distracting.The version i use now has only english,fits into my pocket and does not contain any scholarly explanations.


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