Advanced spiritual energy training or tachyon technology, what are tachyons?

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Matter is energy converted and energy is matter converted back. There’s really nothing to difficult in understanding this concept. E=MC squared is the formula with E meaning energy, M meaning matter and C as a constant. Einstein gave us this formula and even school children with limited science background have heard of it. Tachyon energy is an entirely different matter. When scientist began to delve into the world of quantum physics, they hypothesized that there were particles of matter, which traveled faster than the speed of light. These are four momentum, meaning they have the three dimensional properties and add time-space continuum to it. This being the case, they should be able to travel backward through time.

Scientific studies now lean toward negating the usefulness since the tachyon fields, gathering of particles, are incredibly unstable. However, some believe the tachyon particles give energy that enables them to reach higher levels of communication with the unknown forces of the universe. People sell machines to produce the energy claimed to be tachyon. Almost cult-like followers swear to the effectiveness of the tachyon energy to reach a higher spiritual level. Is this a real effect or another plan to separate people from their money?

Since tachyons are particles, this presents the first argument against the existence of tachyon energy as a way to achieve higher levels. While matter and energy are one, they don’t have the same name in each form. There are hypothetical particles named tachyon labeled by quantum physicists, not energy fields.

Those that sell and use tachyon energy cells swear by their effectiveness to reach higher peaks of psychic power and heal the body and mind. Is this just another effort to use “science speak” to sell products, some of which run in the thousands of dollars? While there is no proof these machines do anything of value, there also is no proof they don’t. At one time scientists were overjoyed at the concept of the usefulness of tachyon particles to carry information. That was until they realized how unstable the particles were. Since then, the study of these particles dwindled.

Should you invest in a high dollar tachyon unit? That is your choice, but there appears to be limited scientific research to indicate that it does anything to aid your internal energy levels. Rather than spend the money hoping for a quick way to reach higher levels of existence, consider training your body to tap into those energy fields and use powers you already have. The cost in most cases is much more insignificant and training in fields like yoga, provide additional health benefits.

Yoga and other types of training that involve meditation and mental focus increase your skills, rest your mind and body and provide for health benefits that include flexibility, renewed energy and often lower blood pressure. These are not quick fixes, but have scientific data that proves their effectiveness. Therefore, the choice is yours. Do you take a chance on an unproven theory or put your efforts into training your mind and body to reach higher levels of spiritual and psychic development?

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“Conrad Raw is an expert on practical techniques for personal and spiritual development. He is a bestselling co-author with Wayne Dyer and Brian Tracy and is the author of “The Zensation Manual: Forbidden Secrets of Personal and Spiritual Development”. Learn telapthy Visit his website to get your free video course on how to activate your true potential. meditation course

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