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Adding to the Last Question I wanted to live wiccan but always felt like an empty battery?

by javajett2003:

It isn’t so much about the religion i am interested in. Everyone should have an energy. People use it in healing and other practices. Wicca is only one practice/religion. I really don’t feel like I have much power/energy. Any thoughts?

Answer by Big Mama
All of us go thru a “Soul Searching” stage. I would recommend making a list of what you value, and believe spiritually, and than look around to see what fits most of the requirements that you need in order to go farther. It takes time, its not easy, and sometimes it just really sucks, but its what we have to do in order to feel mentally happy and spiritually fulfilled. If you’re running on “empty” than I would say, that maybe that one religion, or practice rather, isn’t for you.


  1. It could be that your friends method just isn’t going to work for you. A have a friend who can get a great deal of energy from fire, and while that also usually works for me, sometimes I have to use water. My husband is totally earth based and draws his energy mostly from an earth source. I would try testing the different elements and see if you can find your source that why. If not I would do as the previous person suggested and make a list and explore different paths. It could be that this is not the path for you, but a stepping stone to where you truly belong. There are a vast amount religions out there, including many different Pagan ones, that may help you find what you are looking for. Don’t get discouraged, you will find what you seek as long as you don’t stop seeking. Good luck.

  2. Do your will. Every star travelling it’s course through the sky will follow the correct path, for it. Just as you, need to find the right religion for you. I suggest trying a bunch, and documenting how you feel while practicing each.


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