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adam, eve, eden, and makin babies!?

so i want to submit that adam and eve weren’t even in the garden for more than 9 months before they got the boot! why? eve didnt have a baby in the garden, and im sure if she had had one the bible would have said something about it because that Baby wouldn’t suffer the original sin curse which is tantra-mount to the bibles main theme of “sinning is bad be good to go to heaven”
also think about it, why would they wait till they got the boot to have a bay? i mean why would it take them that long to get to the nitty gritty of marriage? im sure adam in all of his curiosity had a little garden side romp with eve here and there so if she was indeed pregnant they had to have been kicked out before nine months was up.
tl;dr: adam and eve got kicked out of the garden of eden befor nine months was up.
question: what do you think about this idea?
the former is assuming the bible is correct.


  1. You’ ve just successfully described an inaccurate myth
    *Where do black Africans come from..and all other races then?

  2. well that part of the story is easy. god hadn’t cursed her yet. not that i believe this garbage. i know lots of believers that have never read the bible.

  3. The thing is this, no one knows how long Adam and Eve lived in the garden of Eden before they sinned.
    There is absolutely no connection of having babies/sinning/living in Eden….
    Events happened just as the bible gives it to us


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