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Acupuncture for migraines with auras?

I’ve been getting migraines with auras since I was 8 and I now get monthly hormonal migraines with auras. I can handle the pain of the migraine but the aura is what really bothers me. I take Maxalt 10 as soon as I feel my vision and head going weird. My OB/GYN told me that if this continues, I will not be able to continue taking my birth control pill but I really rely on it. How many people who get migraines with auras has acupuncture helped?? I don’t want my mom spending a ton of money on something that doesn’t work. Does it have a fairly high success rate? I just had 3 migraine attacks within 15 hours. I try to stay away from anything that can trigger it but coffee is my guilty pleasure.


  1. Sorry to know you’ve had migraines for so long. Do you take any type of preventative medication? Please ask the doctor about medicines like beta-blockers, and seizure medications (yes, these are used even if you don’t have seizures) like Topmax and Depakote. Birth control pills can definitely trigger migraines for some people, and so can caffeine. Have you considered switching to decaf?
    Also, I believe your 3 migraine attacks are one in the same migraine which is not responding to the Maxalt. If you haven’t had a referral to a Neurologist, I highly suggest you see one. Many of these doctors specialize in headaches.
    Below is a link about acupuncture and migraines. I think it sounds pretty promising and upon reading this article, I’m tempted to try it myself! Migraines stink!

  2. You need to take following medicnes for permanent cure:
    a) Shir Shuladi Vajra Ras : 2 tabs twixw a day
    b) Pathyadi Kwathe : two tsp. in a glass of water twice a day.
    c) Immu-Most : 1 capsule twice a day after meals.
    I am sorry that you will not get these medicines out side India,
    These can only be sent through courier from India.

  3. I’m so sorry to hear you are suffering like this. I think if I were you, I would try to (1) find out how much it costs; (2) find out if there are any risks (don’t rely on the word of the practitioner). If it sounds OK, I would try it.
    The clinical trial sounds promising but I would want to be reassured about the quality of the trial before setting too much store by it and I’d want to see the results replicated before being converted completely.
    As far as anecdotal evidence is concerned, I know many people who’ve tried acupuncture. Only one of these feels it helps her (with depression). Everyone I know who saw an acupuncturist for chronic pain, said it helped for a few days but then the pain came back. Even the people I know who said it helped them give up smoking, said it didn’t keep them off cigarettes permanently.
    I hope you find a solution to this horrible problem.

  4. I have never tried acupuncture for migraines. However, feverfew is an herb which has been proven to be very effective when taken daily as dried leaf capsules in reducing the incidence of attacks in people who experience long-term migraine headaches.
    Another clinical study used a combination of feverfew with Salix alba (white willow). White willow contains components similar to aspirin. The product was given twice daily for 12 weeks. The frequency of migraine attacks and the pain intensity and duration were significantly reduced in patients taking the combination.
    The usual dosage is 100 – 300 mg, up to 4 times daily, standardized to contain 0.2 – 0.4% parthenolides. Feverfew may be used to prevent or stop a migraine headache. Feverfew supplements may also be carbon dioxide extracted. For these, take 6.25 mg, 3 times daily, for up to 16 weeks.
    However, you must check with your physician before taking any medication, whether herbal or pharmaceutical, since there are many medications that have interactions with other medications and you must check with a physician who knows your complete medical history before taking anything new.
    Good luck and I hope you feel better.

  5. Sorry to hear about your migraines. I get them every spring triggered by pollen so I know what you’re going through. Personally I wouldn’t pay for acupuncture because everything I’ve seen says that it’s placebo only, so it’s not likely to help me. However, if you strongly believe in that kind of thing it might help you and anything that reduces the pain is good. Shop around and make sure you aren’t paying too much and that your practitioner is reliable. I would still see a neurologist if I were you though, there may be a different underlying cause than you think. Lastly, while caffeine triggers migraines in some people, or makes the pain worse, this isn’t the case for everyone. For some people, myself included, caffeine actually CURES migraine pain. This is way many OTC migraine pain relievers contain caffeine. So you may not need to cut back on your coffee. Good luck.

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