Home Discussion Forum Activating the romance corner of my bedroom using Feng Shui?

Activating the romance corner of my bedroom using Feng Shui?

I want to use Feng Shui to activate the romance corner of my bedroom however the southwest corner in my bedroom is behind my bedroom door. How can I safely activate the romance area.


  1. i think you’re talking about 8 mansions or the ba zhai concept – or what readers of lillian too’s books know as the east-west groups.
    when you use this technique, and place your bed to face your romance direction and location – yes, the emphasis here is direction and location:
    1) location: divide your room into 8 directions and locate your favorable directions. every group has 4 bad and 4 good. your bed should be placed in the good locations, with the center of the bedroom as the point of reference.
    2) direction: of the 4 good direction, 1 is for romance, when facing your bed, you need your foot point to the facing direction when you are lying down.
    but please note, that this technique will not attract love nor it will stimulate your love life. it will just make you sensitive to love issues or those that have something to do with your relationships.

  2. You are talking about the 8 Aspirations method. But it is best check with the Ba Zhai (8 Mansions) method.You should check your Yan Nian (relationships) direction, one of your favorable direction and sleep in that direction to promote romantic and harmonious relations. You can check your favorable and unfavorable with this calculator:


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