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According to your religion, am i good person?

i am no virgin
i swear like a sailor
i do not believe in any “god”
and i drink, smoke and lie as i see fit to having fun…
i am loyal to a fault; i would rather [ and i mean seriously rather] suffer torture under pain of death ] than betray my best friend or papa,
would prefere an amusing anecdote to spiritual awakening
and would rather be damned for professing what i belive to be the truth than a trillion years of heaven.
and i have a VERY dark sense of humor
does this, admittedly athiest, veiwpoint damn me to “hell” or lowerd caste or simple death in you opinion.
i am a commited athiest, but i would
d REALLY like to hear YOUR opinion on the matter.


  1. I don’t have to tell you, because it’s not like you are going to run and reform and convert to Christianity, and plus it’s not my place, nor anyone elses’ place on here to judge you.

  2. If you don’t believe like I do why do you care?
    On your own merit you are no better or no worse. We are all in the same situation. I believe goodness comes from God/Jesus. It is not from man.

  3. “As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one:
    There is none that understandeth, there is none that seeketh after God.”
    Romans 3:10-11 (King James Version)
    This includes me and you 🙂

  4. Well, in basic Christianity it doesn’t really matter whether you’re a “good” person or not. Because essentially, no human on earth is perfect — everyone sins, everyone has faults, and even the most pious saint has things that they’ve done wrong. No one just “dies” — there is an afterlife. And we have two places we can go… either Heaven, or Hell. Basically, you’re with God, or you’re against Him. You choose your side by choosing to believe in God and Christ. If you don’t believe in God and Christ, then you’re on that “other side.”
    Again, all according to Christianity, which I wholeheartedly believe.
    Jubilee on Earth
    (dot com)

  5. Nothing will keep you out of heaven if you want to be forgiven.
    Seriously, if you died and actually ended up somewhere, and you had the choice between salvation and damnation, which one would you choose. If Jesus was standing there in front of you, would you still deny his existence and voluntarily go to Hell?

  6. I’m a Christian that has no religion.
    I see you as a person so in my opinion yes you are a good person.
    Whatever you do is between you and God.
    I lose my temper and cuss once in awhile that doesn’t make me a bad person.

  7. I could not convince you other wise. You seem like you have made a truth for yourself. You could be right on one point a lost person would not be at home in heaven. As great a place as it is it is made for God’s children. You ask if you are a good person. I do not know how you define it. If you are asking “do good people go to heaven?” the answer is no. Forgiven sinners go to heaven. I pray for God to reveal His truth to you. I really do care about your eternity. But He must reveal to you what is true.

  8. You can read what God says about you in Romans 1:18-32 in the Holy Bible. I suggest you get a New Living translation of the Holy Bible because it is written in plain modern English. In fact the whole book of Romans would be good reading for you.

  9. I am a Buddhist, and my sense of humor is VERY dark….with a healthy dose of slapstick! I digress..
    I don’t know if you are a good person based on what you’ve posted. I don’t look at people in terms of doctrine. I look at them in terms of whether or not they advocate violence or nonviolence, peace or conflict. Do they lie, or do they tell the truth to the best of their knowledge? Do they act with restraint and dignity, or are they undisciplined in general? Are you a good person? You might be. I could only know by watching your behavior; I could never know through the internet, no matter what you say to describe yourself.

  10. My deities wouldn’t have a problem with you at all. They prefer we live honorably and would like us to honor them but don’t insist on it.
    Part of living honorably is loyalty.
    Odin, especially, would love to sit around and swap tales (which he does with Saga) and he loves a good and twisted sense of humor (he hangs with Loki, after all).
    You wouldn’t be damned, thought less than or not accepted.

  11. no one is good we all sin but don’t say there is no god if it wasn’t for god there wouldn’t be you our anyone he made you and us thank him and take his word and read it

  12. Your question itself betrays your lack of education regarding organized religions. Especially this: “does this, admittedly athiest, veiwpoint damn me to “hell” or lowerd caste or simple death in you opinion”.
    (You value honesty, integrity and loyalty – these are classicly Judeo/Christian values, btw… )
    Well, MY religion would not allow me to condemn you to anything, because it teaches that I am to refrain from judging you, even as I might know your behavior runs against God.
    AND I think the first four make you a sinner – as I am if I am honest with myself as a Christian. Many Christians forget that our faith calls us to examine our own sins regularly, not just point our fingers. . .
    No, you aren’t a bad person. The God I believe in values you and loves you and sees you struggling to find him in a confusing world.
    PS Don’t knock spiritual awakening – you haven’t HAD one.

  13. In my “religion” (and I use the term loosely, because I’m pagan, and what we have is what I call “disorganized religion”), we believe that each person is on his or her own path, and that path is right for the person who is on it. Although it isn’t “dogma” (we don’t have that), a common philosophy of modern pagan religions is the Wiccan rede, which goes, “Do as ye will, but harm none.”
    Have you done things to intentionally hurt people? If not, then that’s a good first step.
    Another common sentiment amongst pagans I know is that you must be true to your own beliefs. The fact that you don’t pretend to be something you’re not is good.
    Some other basic guidelines: Do you treat others with respect, regardless of the path they’re on? Are you honest in your dealings with others? Do you, in your life, strive to be the best YOU that you can be? (The point is not to be “perfect”, but to be perfectly YOU.)
    I don’t believe in hell, so I wouldn’t be able to believe that you’re going there. I don’t believe in a Big Dude on a Throne in the sky who’s going to judge anyone, including you. I believe in a natural system, in a concept of the infinite, and in a spirit-world that reflects the Divine and manifests in the physical world. No dogma… just a philosophical way of seeing the world, and interpreting the Infinite or Divine in nature. I firmly believe that all paths must be walked, and that whatever path you are on, as long as you are not causing harm to yourself or others, is the right path for you right now.
    That’s my true opinion.
    Of course, plenty of others will say that without specific blind faith is one fairy tale or another, you’re going to burn in some mythical lake of fire. I’d buy that the same way I’d buy two left shoes from Wal-Mart. Some people are dumb enough not to properly investigate what’s in the shoe box before they’d buy it. Some people are dumb enough to shop at Wal-Mart in the first place. (You can probably figure out the analogy I’m making.) I’ve browsed Wal-Mart, investigated Wal-Mart, and looked inside the boxes. The store sucks, it’s built on shoddy principles, and the quality of the product is lacking.
    The only thing I’d ever recommend to any person is to investigate philosophy and religion academically. It’s a fascinating topic. I’ve read books on religions I don’t follow, and would never convert. I’ve heard descriptions of “God” that make me shake my head in dismay and amusement. I like to know what’s out there. But if that’s not your path right now, then don’t.
    In short, always be true to yourself, and in the long run, you’ll find yourself satisfied with life. In the end, your opinion is the only one that matters.

  14. Firstly : You are a self professed liar, therefore how can i possibly believe that you are Loyal or would stand up for the truth if Lying is so much fun ? I would say thats not a good begining – being hypocritical.
    Secondly : You have the right to choose to lie or be evil – its a God given right, believe it or not. Its what diffirentiates humans from animals – Choice – not intelligence or belief.wether you believe in God or not does not change the fact he exists. You choose everything in life, how you behave, how much you earn , who you sleep with etc etc. Your opinion counts most to you.
    As an Atheist i would have thought you didn`t believe in hell. Do you believe that the complexity of your vision occured by chance ? Is modern technology design or chance ?

  15. I do not believe in religion. Like many people here I think I have very little right to judge whether or not you are a good person. I think as you get older you will see that honesty is very important so the lying I would not agree with. To the over zealous hypocrites that would post on here: How do you know whether or not this person has had a spiritual awakening or not? I have had so called spiritual awakenings and at one time would have told everyone on here that Jesus is the way. What a crock. Most people regurgitate the beliefs of their parents that have been beaten into them since they were children. If you haven’t questioned anything in your life that you were told do me a favor and go jump off a cliff for your said religion. And to everyone else who actually has a brain and intelligent thought, thank you for being here.


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