According to ur religion,what/who are we?And what is our ultimate purpose in life?






According to hinduism we r not our body,not our intelligence,not our mind/thoughts, but consciousness,we r just a witness to the drama of life,thought’s ,body & mind are ours but we r not it.
our ultimate purpose in life is Enlightenment,i.e. getting to know who we are so that we r not caught up in life webs
i.e. our ego,so that we can c the reality not the dilusions
Awareness & Egolessness plays a major role in hinduism,
true spiritual growth is the growth in your love,how peaceful , kind & caring u r with everything in this exiestence,
as everything in exiestence a divine & a miracle


  1. I’m an atheist. Our purpose is to enjoy life and to leave this planet in better shape than it was when we found it.

  2. the meaning of existence is to realize the self (self realization).realization of the oneness of existence,that in reality there is only the self with the universe projected upon it,individual existence is illusion due to ignorance and delusion

  3. I wish that I could believe that. I always made sense to me till it got to the part about caste.
    There is where it all goes sour for me.
    Can you help me to understand how the caste idea fits with the idea of spiritual growth is the growth in your love,how peaceful , kind & caring u r with everything in this exiestence,
    as everything in exiestence a divine & a miracle.
    It seems to be a contridiction to me. Perhaps I just don’t understand something?
    Love and blessings Don

  4. According to Islam.
    We are both body and soul.
    We have a body to take care of …cleanse from outward impurities…as a soul to cleanse from inward impurities..
    ‘Either look the way you really are, or be as you look’ was the message of the great Islamic Spiritualist and Scholar Jelal Uddin Rumi.
    You must maintain a civil approach to life and all that is.
    Only by fullfilling the requirements of living like a true human (note I said human and not animal) can you attempt to ask God about what your meaning of life is.
    And I know what the meaning of my life is…but I refuse to speak it so openly, mainly because it was hard to acquire and it shoud be equally hard to speak of.
    Note: If hindus were even sincere about their understanding of the meaning of life…theyd spend time cleaning their surroundings rather than letting it get trashed the way it is in India. No offense intended.

  5. My purpose in life is to transform into light. no religion, I’m a man-soul seeking the portal called death. In my search, I find knowledge and wisdom, which is mine to keep, and use as i please.

  6. according to the word of GOD, to fear GOD and to keep his commandments is the duty of every mans life and HIS commandments are not burdensome

  7. my religion is ISLAM. according to it,we are creation of that ultimate supreme,sole power…
    purpose….to be submissive to our lead life according to principles he preached through prophets.n should be able to differentiate between right n wrong n chose one, as we will be answerable to our deeds after death…as Allah said:we have created u once from nothingness,n we are definately capable of creating u again.

  8. The creation of God, who though faith in Him become His children. The reason we are here in to love and be loved… Jim

  9. I am not my body, but my spirit. I am a part of the Goddess and this existence and myself. I am who I am now and who I once was in my past lives.
    My purpose is to know and love myself, nature, and all existence. It is to accept others for who they are and try to make this world a better place. Trying to find a balance, being aware of as much as possible, and always learning is a part of what I believe in.
    Blessed be

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