According to professional investigative reports, why do all UFO abductees have former occult involvement?

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What does occult involvement have to do with UFO’s & abductions?

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adam s, the oregonian cali guy

so stop pulling “facts” out of your backside.


its to keep you from looking deeper into it. “Occult” is a dirty word and they know that if you dabble around things with that label you are likely to lose face here or there and not pursue it any further.


because the “abductees” fabricated the stories—-no such thing as aliens–


Not Whitney Streiber, author of “Communion”


Just because an abductee has occult involvement doesn’t make what they claim to have experienced any less real to them. So what’s the point of your question-comment?


Source please?
Also, it may have to be that they are capable of thinking for themselves unlike people who attend church religiously and believe what they are told without verifying it. They have closed minds…I think they would never recover had they experienced something they weren’t told from the pulpit.


Because the ETs seek out these advanced people.
Birds of a feather, you know?


They are asked to explain something that cannot be so they make $hit up.
There are no aliens.

Pirate AMâ„¢

What source do you have for this? From what I know, many abductees have not had any involvement with the occult. However, I would think that you probably could draw some similarities between them and other fringe groups.

Free Man

Extra terrestrials are interested in mind control and they go after people with fringe thinking that they don’t like.


Where is the source of the investigation? Names
Betty and Barney hill,oh yeah, they were part of heavens gate right?


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