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According to Pagan religions where do Christians go after they die?

For example: In Hellenismos (Greek Paganism) when you die you go to Hades, well, does everyone go there? Will asatruars (Norse Paganism) go to Hades to, or will they go to their afterlife?
According to your Pagan religion will Christians go to Heaven or will they go to one of the Pagan afterlifes?


  1. I cant be 100% sure but I believe that they will go were everyone else goes- to the ground to continue on with the circle of life….

  2. I’m heathen. Pre-christian heathens believed that the dead went into the gravemound or something similar (a gravemound/hall in a mountain). But when confronted with christianity, they were given an option. Radbod of Frisia denied christianity on the basis that he would rather spend the afterlife with his family instead of in heaven with a bunch of people he did not know and had no relationship with. Also, the concept of Hel, as in place and giantess, is a later syncretic belief and probably reflects influence from both christianity and Classical myth. Such concepts would at least suggest that the afterlife destination of people weren’t considered consistent.
    The dead left on the battlefield and not returned to their familial gravemounds, rested in Valhal, the hall of the slain, where dead warriors fought eternally. In other words, it was the gravemound of unclaimed dead on the battlefield where they were left to be buried by time and the elements.
    The dead who were lost at sea and unclaimed resided in the nets of Ran. Again, the same concept as the gravemound, but the location is the sea of unclaimed/unburied bodies.
    Your afterlife is where you are buried.

  3. All religions say that they go where their religion takes them and other groups say the opposite. As a Buddhist, we believe the mind goes on, no matter what religion you believe in, and takes rebirth according to karma and state of mind at death. That’s why I don’t shove my pov down other’s throats because it’s pretty heavy thinking there.

  4. We can’t agree on where WE end up and you want us to figure out where the Christians go????????
    Personally, and this is *only* my personal beliefs, they will end up with their God.

  5. There is no difference in what happens to anyone
    because of their religion, or what they may have
    done during their lifetime.
    Other factors are involved.

  6. I’m not even convinced of what will happen to me once I’m dead. So my honest answer to this question is – don’t know, don’t care. I assume their god will take care of that. My gods are in charge of what happens to me.

  7. i believe we create our own reality to a certain extent, so if they think they’re saved, they’ll go to heaven, if they harbor guilt, they’ll go to hell; but only until their souls realize the need to progress on their spiritual journey. then they get reincarnated like the rest of us, or move on to a higher plane.
    i don’t believe in an ‘after life’.

  8. Okay, well this is sorta a question that doesnt make sense in that pagans in general dont judge others like christians do (ie pagans going to burn in christian’s general views). . .
    as a pagan I believe that everyone goes to their taught/saught after place, christians go to heaven. (i dont really know anyone who has went to hell, you go to a funeral and EVERY person is up in heaven, my grandmother who was wicked mean and close to evil is sitting up in heaven acording to the people the day she died).
    so asking a pagan about anyther person’s religion and what happens to them after they die doesnt make much sense to me. maybe i’m just weird like that.

  9. In the Hellenismos the situation is not that simple.
    When we die we must first met the psychopomps. They are either Hekate or Hermes. They then transport us down to the underworld.
    We first must go through Erebus, the front part. The ancients states that those who did not have funerary rites or who have been impious in their life are stuck here till Charon carries them through. Charon is more interested in people who were either pious or had appropriate funerary rites done.
    For the pious ( that means people who worship the Gods ) we will be judged before the Gods. If we are cruel and wicked, we go to Tartarus, If we have lived a life of neither too much good or too much bad or just slightly bad, we go to Asphodel. For those who live a good life, they go to Elysium, some goes to the Heavens. then there are different mystery religions that allows special places for their adherents.
    The truly amazingly excellent and good individual goes to the isle of the Blessed. In a sense they have joined godhood.
    Everything barring the Isle of the Blessed ( ie:- Elysius, Tartarus, Heaven, Asphodel) are all transient. Everyone ultimately ( except those who are in the Isle of the Blessed ) returns and can get a choice for reincarnation and are reincarnated back to life.
    The Christians if they are impious would hover for a very long time in Erebus. However they will still be judged by the merits they have done in life.


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