According to Feng Shui which direction is suitable direction to place pig?

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According to Feng Shui which direction is suitable direction to place pig?

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In the oven


this the year of the pig…..the golden plaster pig should be placed very visibly at the convergence of the dining area and main living space.


According to this site:
“Animals are naturally drawn to harmony and beauty and will seek it out whenever possible. In nature this would not be a factor since nature is always harmonious and beautiful, but indoors it can be quite a different matter. I have experimented with my cats over the years to see how they respond to the creation of beautiful, harmonious settings placed at their level. Placing small container plants close to the floor along with mirrors and sacred objects makes them very happy. They respond immediately to this kind of decorating on their behalf and consequently they spend far less time on top of furniture.”
It also says that animals are usually not happy inside, which would be PERFECT for a pig! SO I guess you need to put him outside, in a pen with mirrors, sacred objects and some nice decor! As for the mess, they had no advice on that…maybe mud is to pigs what clean carpets are to cats?
Just for fun, I asked my kid, who used to play this game, “Animal Crossing” (it had feng shui rules), where a pig should go. He said it was a “red item” and could go on the north side. Okay….!


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