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according to feng shui how can i best decorate my bedroom? (my kua number is 4)?

and if someone could plz give me some links for complete feng shui site, i’ll be veeeeeery gracefull


  1. Feng Shui which, when translated, means Empty Mind, because one needs no intelligence of any kind to believe it does anything.

  2. it is difficult to persuade people to believe that fengshui is not a decorating method, nor it works the way most people think how it works.
    it is also difficult to explain what really goes on in a house with good fengshui.
    imagine that all houses in your area are mountains, while all roads are water system, where the chi flows. then your main door is the most yang place where the chi comes into your house. in fengshui, the tilt or facing degree of this door determines which areas in your house have good chi, and which areas have bad chi.
    so you end up with 2 alternatives:
    1). when the house is not yet built, you can locate the bedroom, living rooms at the good locations, while the bathrooms goes to the bad locations, or location with the bad chi.
    2). supposed that the house is already built, then you somehow compromise and tilt your door, so that the distribution of the good energy will go to your bedroom, and the bad energy will direct to the areas that you don’t use that long.
    how would you know how to calculate for the distribution? you can’t, you need to get a person who knows fengshui particularly about fei xing or flying stars method.
    when you have your bedroom in the location with the good chi, then even if your bed is placed in an awkward location, it does not matter. because whenever you use your bedroom, your kinda stimulate and activate the good energy, and make that good energy manifest or happen in your life. this is how fengshui works.
    you also need to understand that people who studied chinese fengshui don’t want you to learn their trade secrets, so you usually end up with a fake explanation. thus, most books published in fengshui are not really true or are not used the way that the author talk about. for example, ms. lillian too wrote about books about 8 mansions method or ba zhai. but she did not include that when you use this method in your bedroom, you are just merely changing the attitude of the person. for example, you face your bed to point to your nian yan/ romance/ love direction, you don’t really attract love or poential partners in your life. but you are just become more sensitive to emotions of other people. she also didn’t include that the success direction, most of the time, has a bad effect on people, because it is too strong. in fengshui, when chi is very strong, it can have a bad effect.
    i know these, because i attended some fengshui courses under master yap cheng hai, who is also the mentor of ms. lillian too. and i also have attended classes from other fengshui masters, who have different takes and applications on the same fengshui methods.
    there are also simple fenghsui stuffs like you cannot put a mirror in the bedroom esp if it reflects your bed. because it will make you hard to sleep or have a bad night. these simple fengshui tips are not really powerful to make your life better. i mean, when you avoid them, it does not have a good effect – so they are useless to me.
    flying stars method is better to use to deal with your bedroom, and it is also more powerful than ba zhai and the simple fengshui tips. however you need a person who has experience with the method to do it for you.


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