According to astrology, are we a good match?

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I am 44, female, a virgo. He is almost 43, a capricorn. We have both been married twice before.

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Stupid Question Terminator

no, but you are a good match, according to my parrot


Third time is the charm. That is what the other women say.


Dont let it decide for you, n dont blame it if love fails you. Try to get to know each other better. Good luck in your love life. Be true to each other.


Yes. You both have experience.

Stephen K

Astrologically speaking, yes,
but on a real level, two previous marriages each? I am concerned


Yes, astrologically you are, because you are both Earth signs.
“The attraction between these two in the beginning could be a strongly physical one, and similar attitudes on financial affairs and other things will only serve to deepen their bond as the relationship matures. Capricorn or Virgo can go far in a chosen field of endeavor as the other will encourage and aid their efforts willingly and with all his/her resources. Each of them realizes that the others career is all important to them both and will not stint on the encouragement.
Capricorn is prone to having some black depressions and Virgos changeability may cause Virgo to feel that Capricorn should be able to shake these off and keep going, so if nagging is resorted to in these times then Capricorn is apt to sink so deep in the depression that he/she may disappear for a few days just to ‘get it together again’; Virgo should avoid all critical nagging at these times. The area of making friends with others may also cause some problems as Capricorn is impressed by power and position while Virgo disdains these things and judges by personality and temperaments.
Sexually, one is a good match for the other as their world does not revolve around the physical relationship as with some signs; their union is one of closeness and love. They both tend to faithfulness so jealousy may never be a problem for them. This is a very good match; a match made in Heaven.”


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