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About Telepathy?

Can somebody tell abt telepathy, can it be learned and how, stages of learning?


  1. If you could learn telepathy then don’t you think everyone would be doing it, however saying that it is possible to get a similar effect from watching someone watching how they move what they say the certain way their eyes change. That is I think the beginning of the evolutionary ladder for telepathy because in some cases you can have an educated guess of what the person is thinking.

  2. Abt Telepathy See the first link
    Well it might b learned if u r fortunate.
    and Stage of learning are here:
    1. Mastering ur mind abt thinking on a certain object with no other thought in mind except that object with a still mind. This can b achived by meditation, concentration, practice and host of ways.
    2. Mastering the art of (seeing light in dark) penetrating in minds——-may be learned by dark-dot of gradually increasing size.
    3. Every sound made in universe never dies, it just changes its form Next Level is Mastering conception of unheardable sounds—–now i donno howz its done.
    4. Still if u do all above It cannot b learned except from HELP of GOD.
    wish u luk man if u r after it.
    PS: In the whole process not losing ur mind to thousands of mental disorders which u will b vulnerable to

  3. Hello JS
    Telepathy is a psychic ability & we all have psychic abilities – they just need to be developed.
    Telepathic links tend to be between those who are close & have an empathy for each other.


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