about seeing a clairvoyant?

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does a clairvoyant person tell you about the negative things she thinks may happen or do they keep quiet about it
ps) why do some clairvoyant people who clearly have this gift sometimes make the wrong assumption

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They make the wrong prediction because clearly there is no such thing as this gift.


If they’re so clairvoyant, why are they giving consultations at $20 an hour? Wouldn’t their time be better spent at the race tracks?
Honestly, I personally believe the vast majority of these people are either well-meaning flakes, or outright frauds. They’re usually talented psychologists: They make a lot of educated guesses about who you are, why you came to see them and what it is you want to hear.

angel b

it depends on who you go and see. i live in TN and there is a wonderful clairvoyant here and she does tell you about the negatives as well. She does the past, present, and future. When she did mine she was 99% acurate and she asks no questions b4 the reading.


idk wut u talkin bout


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