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About Reiki attunement…??

I think I have finally found my calling!!!! I knew that I wanted to heal poeple through touch… and that led me to read about Reiki. This is very recent and there is much more to learn… I have not taken a class yet so I have many questions right now. ::What is the difference between getting a Reiki attunement and a treatment? If you get a treatment .. why wouldn’t you be able to then also use it on others?


  1. my girlfriend does Reiki… and getting a treatment is different than getting attunement. the attunement is substantially more expensive and requires some guru to do it. the attunement is completed in three sessions – by the 3rd session you have the energy to attune others. further, after just the first session you will be able to do reiki not only on others but to yourself… even from a physical distance. she has given me reiki from her appartment and i have felt it while in mine. i would recommend getting a treatment first to feel it then search for your guru who can attune you.

  2. Basically if you’re just lying there getting a treatment, then you’re receiving healing energy. You need to be attuned to act as a conduit to give healing energy to others.
    Level 1 usually explains the history, the benefits and hand positions for Reiki. This allows you to do Reiki on yourself, friends and family.
    At Level 2 you are given the Reiki power symbols, taught how to do distance Reiki, taught all about the seven chakras and you are attuned to the Reiki energy. This allows you to charge others for sessions.
    The next two (Level 3 and Reiki Master) can either be done together or taught separately. I done them both together. You are attuned to the Reiki Master energies and receive your Master symbols. You will also be given the manuals and be able to teach others.
    You will love it .. both the healing on yourself and on other people. I have rarely been ill since I started doing reiki and I am able to take even the major stuff in my life in my stride. I also love the feeling that I get after giving a reiki session .. seeing people so relaxed and content.
    I remember just after I done Level 1, I went to a doctor because I was feeling stressed about something going on in my life at that time. When she found out I could do reiki, she sent me away with a flea in my ear. Oops .. I had forgotten that I had the power within to control my own mind, body and spirit! 🙂 It’s a wonderful thing.

  3. Receiving an attunement (from a skilled Master, not just anyone on the internet who says “Pay me money and I’ll attune you”) involves a one to full days of training. While you can’t really hurt someone with Reiki, you can bring their energy out of balance, so you really do need training on how to molve that energy through their system.
    For example: If you move your hands from the top of the head down to the pelvis, that can depleat the engery of someone. If you move your hands in the opposite direction the energy increases.
    Enjoy your Reiki sessions for yourself, but if you want to do more with Energy healing, try Reiki or another modality. There are others than Reiki, like Pranic Healing (Master Cho), Energy Medicine (Dona Eden), and many more. Find the right modality for you before you choose to get training in one.

  4. When you get attuned you get connected to the energy, you then become a channel of the universal energy to give it to another person. It is really good to get a course at least the basic so you know how you can use the universe energy and not your own. when you get a Reiki treatment you get your energy balance. If there is anything you need visit my web page and email me with any questions. Many blessings and good luck in your journey.


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