About auras?

I found an article on the web in how to see auras. I have been practicing seeing my own (I think). Anyways when I am completely focused in the mirror (my mirror image against a white wall) I tend to see everything in front and around of me yellow as if there is a yellow light turned on very bright (it floods the surroundings) to the point that I don’t see my face or anything else clearly (when focused).
Make all the jokes you want but I am looking for some serious answers.


  1. i think you should continue to read about auras. not many people can see auras – and most people who can cannot see their own. you may be gifted in reading auras. the only way to find out is to study.
    good luck!

  2. It sounds like you are making progress! Keep working on it. The ability is not as uncommon as some think it is.
    Everyone could see auras if they just exercised some rods/cones in their eyes. There’s a good book with some simple exercises you might check your local library for: How to See the Aura by Ted Andrews. It’s informative, funny and very effective.

  3. If you do that just the right way meditating, you’ll be able to see your spirit guide…perhaps that is what your seeing. That’s what I read in a book.
    Although, I see auras, ghost, and spirits all my life, I lost count just how many I’ve seen. I saw one go through my kitchen window Saturday morning. I usually only see them grayish to off white to completely white with a glow. Sometimes my aura floats out of me as I am sleeping, although I am very aware of it.

  4. Maybe if you get really good at it you’ll be able to see where people are behind walls. If you can do that, James Randi will give you one million dollars! I’m not making this up, he will really give you a million dollars if you can show him that you can see auras.

  5. The aura is just your own natural energy. You have the ability to see the Energy Plane, as I call it. Your ability will probably continue to get stronger as time goes by. Like a muscle that grows from exercise. We humans don’t exercise our most natural abilites, then lose them. Then fear them, don’t believe in them, or simply don’t understand them.


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