A way to scientifically prove the existence of astral projection?

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Two subjects that can astrally project at will are placed into separate rooms with no means of communicating with each other. One of the subjects is given a random phrase to memorize and pass on to the other subject during astral projection. Both subjects are asked to project at the same time and pass on/ receive the randomized phrase. If the message is successfully transferred (the second person can accurately retell the phrase) and this process is repeated several times, astral projection is proven… right?

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Terry the Klown

Or telepathy.

Destroyer of Dumbasses

This could also prove to be telepathic communication instead. Just one brain communicating with another. But that’s good too.


Right. But it would never happen, because astral projection is psychological phenomena – like a dream, or a hallucination – it doesn’t actually happen in physical reality.

Rogelio teh Scary Feesh

Too bad no new-age psychic loony would sign up for this kind of test, because they all know that astral projection is bullshizz.

ray m

that would work, but astral projection doesn’t work quite like that, two people can astral project at the same time right next to each other, and not even see each other when they project. the astral realm is bigger in some places and smaller than others compared to the real world, plus people don’t always look the same or speak the same either.


Sure…I could easily set up a double blind controlled experiment. The fact that no one has been able to ought to tell you something.


Yes; but note that they would have to repeat the experiment successfully under controlled conditions several times in order to verify that astral projection has actually occurred.
If successful, James Randi will give you $1,000,000.00 dollars.


As others have said, telepathy is a natural ability that all lifeforms utilize, yes, us too, but we have forgotten how!
How many times have you thought of someone, the phone rings, and guess who!?..We are all becoming more sensitive and as we do so our telepathic experiences will increase..
Telepathically, you can *talk* to people at a distance – focus on someone in in mind and urge them several times with feeling to phone you..You can also communicate with animals, insects and even plants and trees..
Life, whatever it*s external form, is a Oneness which some call God..

Amier N.

And this has been done.


No purpose would be served, at all, in proving astral projection. People would be more willing to believe telepathy, remote viewing, remote hearing, or lucky guess than believe in projection. And if you set up a test for telepathy, they would come up with another explanation, all the way down to cheating. Proof of astral projection and other occult truths are not for this time. Just prove it to yourself if you are a projector.


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